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What is the biggest known byte?

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It is aZotzabyte. Before a zotzabyte is a geobyte, before that is a brontobyte, before that it is a yottabyte.

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What is the biggest byte-?

The terabyte is the largest byte and equal to 1024 gigabytes.

A half byte is known as?

Half a byte (4 bits) is known as a nibble.

What is the biggest byte in computer terminology?

the biggest you'll see in a store is terabytes, but i think the biggest possible is a yottabyte (idk how much it is)

What is half a byte?

Half a byte is 4 bits, which is actually known in the computer world as a nibble.

What byte is the biggest Exabyte Terabyte Megabyte Gigabyte or Pegabyte?

Exabyte is the biggest unit in the list of units mentioned by you.

What is A collection of 8 bits is known as a?

a collection of 8 bits is known as a byte

What is known as nibble?

A nibble is a half of a byte, 4 bits.

The largest number that can be represented by one byte is?

The biggest number that can be represented in one byte is 11111111. Binary numbers have the ability to added together in a fashion similar to decimal numbers.

How many alphanumeric characters are stored within one byte?

A byte is a sequence of 8 zeroes or ones in a binary system, which is known as a bit. One byte can store one alphanumeric character.

What is gaga byte?

A infection that is known to be caused by a bite or byte that turns humans into lady gaga, there has been only 1 case reported of this infection.

What is difference between a 'byte' and a 'byte'?

I believe you meant difference between a bit and a byte. A byte is 8 bits.

What is the largest byte unit of measurement?

The largest known byte unit of measurement is a Yottabyte. (Bits in a Yottabyte: 9,671,406,560,000,000,000,000,000 bits) (Bytes in a Yottabyte: 1,208,925,820,000,000,000,000,000 bytes)

What does MB GB Ghz mean?

MB is Mega Byte GB is Giga Byte and Ghz is Giga hurtz. (and for all I know is that MB is the smallest and Ghz is the biggest. and correct me if my spelling is wrong sorry) ^++++++++++^

What is the binary range in decimal of a byte?

Nobody knows what you are talking about, but if you mean what the biggest number is in a byte, it is 255 or 127. The former is only for unsigned, while the latter is the maximun if the byte is signed. If you mean how many numbers can be represented, it is 256 or 128. Again, the former is if it is unsigned and the latter is if it is signed.

What are the different types of main memory?

a killer byte a megger byte a giger byte a nano byte a secto byte

What is the biggest thing known to man?

Answer:The biggest thing known to man is the Universe (Not observable universe) But if Omniverse exist, that would be the biggest thing known to Man.

How much MB makes 1tb?

Here it is the unit of data measurements: 8 bit = 1 byte 1024 byte = 1 Kilo byte 1024 kilo byte = 1 Mega byte 1024 Mega byte = 1 Giga byte 1024 Giga byte = 1 Tera byte Now, 1 Tera byte = 1024 * 1024 Mega byte

What exactly is a byte?

A byte is the smallest data unit of modern binary computers. It represents either a 1 or a 0. Bits are compiled into a set of eight bits, known as a byte. Bytes represent one piece of data, such as a single letter, etc.

What is Biggest type of animal ever known?

from what i know i believe the whale is the biggest type of animal known.

What is the biggest battery size?

The biggest battery I known of is J but the biggest is 4.5 V

Diffrerences between URAT and USART?

It is UART and USART instead of URAT and USART. The biggest difference between URAT and USART is that UART sends data byte by byte. USART sends data in blocks and can send a clock with the data.

What are the measuring units of memory?

Individually, they are known as a "bit." 8 of them taken together is called a "byte".

How big is a pectrol byte?

1024 amos byte = 1 pectrol byte

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