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Q: What is the bino nomenclature of a black rat snake?
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What does a black rat snake eat mostly?

a black rat

Are black snakes considered rat snakes?

That depends. The term black snake can apply to many different species of snake. The black rat snake, Pantherophis obsoletus, sometimes called the black snake, is indeed a rat snake.

What is the longest known black snake?

The longest black snake in North America is named the black rat snake. The record size recorded of this black rat snake is eight feet in length. Which makes the black rat snake is the record longest.

What is a black rat snake's color?


What snake is black with red rings?

rat snake

Can a copperhead snake breed with a black rat snake?


Gold snake with a black stripe?

Yellow rat snake

What kinda of snake is tan with black spots?

Rat snake

Can rat snakes be gray with black markings?

The gray rat snake can have such markings, and even the common black rat snake can show gray bands when distended.

How big can a black snake get?

What kind of black snake? King, rat, corn, etc.

Where does the Black Rat snake live?

in indianna.

What is a prey for a black rat snake?


What does black rat snake eat for food?

If you want to joke around... probably a black rat.

What kind of Florida snake black body and a red tongue?

Probably a black rat snake

How long can a black rat snake live?


Is a black rat snake venomous?

no but will make you sick

Who are the chimney swifts predators?

black rat snake

What does a black rat snake look like?

black, scaly, and long

What are the top ten nonvenomous snakes?

corn snake rattlesnake king snake black snake rat snake

What class of vertebrates is a black rat snake in?

Snakes, including rat snakes, are reptiles.

What colour is a rat snake?

Rat snakes are black,yellow and gray. black ones are from new england.they are harmless.

What does a black rat racer snake look like?

Black rat snakes and black racer snakes are two different types of snake. Both They are almost identical in appearance, however black racers tend to be more slender. If you encounter a black snake that quickly slithers away or becomes aggressive, it is probably a black racer. If you encounter a black snake that freezes in place or slithers away slowly, it is probably a black rat snake.

You found something wiggling in your home It was a very small black and snake like but not sure. What is it?

Probaly a black rat snake. ------ Black rat snakes are common in the southern US and are not venomous.

Are big black snakes poisonous?

It depends on the snake... the Black Adder is poisonous, but the Black Rat Snake is not. There are many big black snakes. :)

How much does a black rat snake weigh?

200 pounds