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AnswerJust like humans they know sun is good for you and they love the warmth (right to the bones.) Perhaps humans should take lessons from cats and learn how to relax a little more.

Cats have a faster metabolism than humans and therefor have a higher body temperature. They like the warmth of the sun. It can heal and dry out wounds. Not only that but the sun provides a healthy dose of vitamin D.

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What animals eat sand cats?

Predators of sand cats include snakes, wild dogs, birds of prey and humans. Sadly, sand cats still face the threat of being collected for the pet trade, or for being hunted for sport while they are sunning themselves.

Why do Pussy cats Lick themselves.?

All cats lick themselves. It is because they are washing themselves. Cats are very clean which means you do NOT have to wash them yourself.

Why do cats lick themselves?

Because there aren't many cats who like water, the cats will lick themselves to give themselves baths.Other reasons that cats lick themselves include:If cats have a cut or scrape, licking it will clear away the blood, soften it and keep it clean.Cats lick themselves because they want to spread their scent.Grooming and cleaning themselves

How do cats bathe themselves?

They lick themselves.

What is the felidae family?

Felidae is the biological family of cats.

If cats lick themselves is it fair weather?

Cats licking themselves has nothing at all to do with the weather; its just the cats way of keeping himself clean.

Why do cats like to clean them self?

Uh, well cats clean themselves because that is how they bathe themselves. Assuming that you bathe frequently, cats do the same.

Are cats smelly?

no cats are not smelly as they clean themselves.

How do cats protect themselves?

Cats protect themselves with their claws and teeth. When another animal strikes or attacks them, they will use their sharp claws to defend themselves.

What is the biological name of a tiger?

Panthera tigris, large cats.

What movie and television projects has The Stray Cats been in?

The Stray Cats has: Played Themselves in "Bandstand" in 1952. Played Themselves in "Top of the Pops" in 1964. Played Themselves - Musical Guest in "Saturday Night Live" in 1975. Played Themselves - Guests in "Get It Together" in 1977. Played Themselves (1983) in "WWF Club" in 1980. Played Themselves in "The 10th Annual American Music Awards" in 1983. Played Themselves in "Blue Suede Shoes" in 1985. Played Themselves in "The Arsenio Hall Show" in 1989. Played Themselves in "Stray Cats Rock Tokyo" in 1990. Played Themselves in "Stray Cats Rock Paris" in 1991. Played Themselves in "Stray Cats Rock Detroit" in 1992. Played Themselves in "Stray Cats: Greatest Hits" in 1993. Played Themselves in "Stray Cats: Rumble in Brixton" in 2004.

Why do cats lick their bodies?

Cats lick their bodies to clean themselves.

Why do cats have no tungs?

YES! cats have tounges! how do you think they lick themselves?

Of what benefit to man are domesticated cats?


How do cats get hairballs?

Cats lick themselves to keep clean, that's where they get the hair from.

Why do cats hide?

cats mostly hide if they are scared or if they are trying to defend themselves

Why are cats so dirty?

Cats are not dirty, they clean themselves very well.

How do cats proctect themself?

Cats have claws and teeth to protect themselves from predators.

Why do cats bite themselves?

cats bite themselves because wen they are ichy and scratch with their foot and they cant get the itch out they will bite tehmselves to get the itch out

How do cats keep clean?

They clean themselves. Some pedigree cats used for showing are groomed by their owners too, but they still clean themselves.

How do cats protect themselves from their enemies?

Cats use their claws to protect themselves from their enemies. When another animal strikes them, they use their claws which are sharp.

Why do cats lick them selves so much?

Cats may lick themselves if they have something wrong with their skin. Maybe a rash or something similar. Cats also lick themselves a lot if they are nervous.

Do raccoons mate with cats?

No, it is a biological impossibility. They are from two different families of mammals.

Do dogs groom themselves?

No only cats!!

Can cats see themselves in mirrors?


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