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Henry Sampson, horoscope for birth date 22 April 1934, born in Jackson,
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Who was Deborah Sampson?

Deborah Sampson was a woman who wanted to fight in theRevolutionary War, but they wouldn't let her because she was awoman. She disguised herself as a man named Robert Shurtliff andfought better than some of the men! She later got wounded butremoved the bullet all by herself so no one would find out ( Full Answer )

When did Henry Thomas Sampson die?

Henry Thomas Sampson (born in Jackson, Mississippi in 1934) is an American inventor. He is considered one of the many brilliant black inventors today. He is not dead but he is still alive.

Does Henry Sampson have a family?

i believe he does have a family but no sites i have been on can tell me anything about Henry Sampson's family life. there is hardly any information about him.

Henry Thomas Sampson parents?

Charles & Emma Sampson don't use wiki because it is a really bad website that doesn't give you true information so please don't use this website or your project or assingment will be wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is Henry Tomas Sampsons impact on society?

Henry Thomas Sampson invented the gamma electric cell, a devicethat used direct-conversion energy in order to convert gammaradiation to electricity. The invention's intent is to provideauxiliary power to a nuclear reactor that is shielding. He issometimes mistakenly credited with inventing the cell ( Full Answer )

How did Henry Sampson affect the world with is invention?

Henry Sampson affected the world with his invention of a bindersystem meant for explosives and propellants. He also invented acase bonding system, which was meant for propellants of castcomposite.

Did Henry Sampson die?

Henry Sampson was born in 1934, and as of 2014, he appears to bestill alive. He made a charitable donation to a university in 2014.

Who is George Sampson?

George William Sampson (born in June 29, 1993) is a street dancer from Warrington, England and the winner of the second season of Britain's Got Talent on May 31, 2008. As the prize for the competition, he received £100,000 and the opportunity to perform at the 2008 Royal Variety Performance ( Full Answer )

Who is GT Sampson?

GT Sampson was an African American inventor. Sampson is best knownfor his invention of the clothes dryer in 1892.

What is a quote from Deborah Sampson?

A quote from Deborah Sampson is "I am indeed willing toacknowledge what I have done, an error and presumption. I will callit an error and presumption because I swerved from the accustomedflowery path of female delicacy, to walk upon the heroic precipiceof feminine perdition!" Deborah Sampson, o ( Full Answer )

What does Deborah Sampson look like?

Deborah Sampson is not liked by most people. She is a very interesting character. She sports short black hair which she spickes in the front with an excessive amount of gel. She also is a fan of wearing sunglasses, more specifically aviators, which are very trendy aside from the fact that she only w ( Full Answer )

What is the quote from Deborah Sampson?

Now is the times that try mens souls :"I am indeed willing to acknowledge what I have done, an error and presumption. I will call it an error

Who is Henry T Sampsons parents?

Henry T. Thomas Sampson, Jr. is an American inventor. He was bornin Jackson, Mississippi in 1934. His father name was H. T. SampsonSr., former executive dean of Jackson State University.

Who are Sampson and Gregory?

Well yes and no. Little known to most, both Sampson and Gregory star in a spin off of the famous play "Romeo and Juliet" called "Sampson and Gregory." It expands upon their role as servants to the Capulet's. As it turns out, Gregory is a scientist from the year 2089, where not much had changed other ( Full Answer )

Who is Will Sampson?

he is an actor, but he died. also he is full creek indian. plus he is my great grandpa. i never met him, but i bet he's nice.

What did will Sampson die of?

The actor Will Sampson died of post operative complications following a heart and lung transplant.

Who is Sampson Slithers?

Sampson Slithers is a fictional character in the series, "The Adventures of Tocay". He is a smart-alecky tattle-tale python. He is often shown as serious and highly intelligent, often confusing readers with his large vocabulary and complex statements. He has only been shown as a dork once, in which ( Full Answer )

What is the birthday of Henry Lee?

Which Henry Lee? There is a whole list: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Lee yea there r a bunch some war guy and then the one I'm looking for Dr. Henry Lee a forensic scientist!!!!!

Henry Woodward birthday?

The birth and death of Henry Woodward are unknown but we do know he sold the light bulb to Edison

Who is Nic Sampson?

Nic Sampson (born November 18, 1986) is a New Zealand actor mostly known for playing Chip Thorn in Power Rangers: Mystic Force and the voice of the Sentinel Knight in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. Before both of his roles in Power Rangers, Sampson was a local celebrity among the schoolgirls of ( Full Answer )

Did Henry Sampson invent the cell phone?

According to http://inventors.about.com/library/weekly/aa070899.htm the inventors of the Radio telephone system, the modern cell phone, was a man named Dr. Martin Cooper. Other inventors include, Richard W. Dronsuth, Albert J. Mikulski, Charles N. Lynk Jr. James J. Mikulski, John F. Mitchell, Roy A. ( Full Answer )

Does Henry Sampson have any brothers or sisters?

Henry was the oldest son of James and Martha (Cooper) Samson andone of nine children born to them Henry, Margaret, Joseph, James,Sarah, George, Mary, Charles, and John.

When is mark Henry birthday?

Mark Henry (The Strongest Man Alive) Was Born June.12.1971 Did I answer your question email me at bestiesforlife25@yahoo.ccom From:Me To:You

What is Sampson famous for?

•First African-American woman circuit court judge•representative of the State Department during the Cold War•First African-American woman to receive an LL.M.•First African-American woman to be an official American representative to the United Nations

When did Henry Sampson the inventor die?

The inventor Henry Sampson is not dead as of June 2014. Sampson wasborn in 1939 and is still alive. He is an inventor as well as afilm historian.

Why did Henry T. Sampson make the cellular phone?

He never even made the cell phone. On July 6, 1971, Sampson and co-inventor George Miley received a patent on a "gamma electric cell" that converted a gamma ray input into an electrical output (Among the first to do that was Bernhard Gross, US patent #3122640, 1964). What, you ask, does gamma radiat ( Full Answer )

What chores did Deborah Sampson have?

Her jobs were to wash dishes and clothes also she had to feed a eigty-year old woman also she had to clean and put up books at the schoolhouse

When did Deborah Sampson do this?

Deborah Sampson wanted a more exciting life so she dressed up as a man and entered and battled the revolutionary war. She was among the soldiers at age 20. She didn't want the doctors 2 know she had a musket ball in her leg (thigh) so she removed it herself, she was a very dedicated woman

How did Deborah sampson grow up?

Deborah Sampson was born December 17, 1760. Her dad went off to become a sailor but died when his ship sank at sea. Others say he went to Maine and started a new family. Deborah's mom had to give Deborah to her cousin, Miss Fuller. But then she died and Deborah moved with old Mrs. Thatcher. After ( Full Answer )

What or who inspired George Sampson to dance?

he was watching his brother do a dance show of break dance with his mum and sister so he siad this is what i wanna do he done it won it now he lives it :)

How did Henry T Sampson invention impact society?

Henry T Sampson invention impact society because if we didn't have cell phone we wouldn't get to talk to people over the phone we would have to write letters. that would take to long and it would waste trees.

How old is Will Sampson?

Will Sampson was born on September 27, 1933 and died on June 3, 1987. Will Sampson would have been 53 years old at the time of death or 81 years old today.

What is a sampson fox?

A Sampson Fox is a genetic mutation of the red fox (some say gray fox also). It has a long narrow tail rather than the bushy one we normally see. They look as though they have the mange, but in reality, they do not have guard hairs in their coats - this makes them appear hairless. They are more acti ( Full Answer )

How big was Sampson?

No matter his size, Sampson's strength came from his hair, and after he cut his hair, he had no strength to support the temple any longer.

When did Henry Sampson invent the cellular phone?

He didn't invent it. The credit is given to Dr. Martin Cooper who worked for Motorola and in 1973 he invented the first truly working cell phone. From 1973 to 1984 the cell phone was only sold to the government, but in 1984 it went on sale to the public. At that time the cell phones were modeled aft ( Full Answer )

Who is Holly Sampson?

Holly Joy Sampson is also known as Nicolette Foster, Andrea Michaels, or Zoe. She is an American pornographic actress and model. She was born on September 4, 1973.