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Standard audio CDs use a sample rate of 44.1 kHz, each sample has 16-bit resolution and there are two audio channels. 44,100 x 16 x 2 = 1,411,200 bits/s = 1,411 kbps. For comparison, the highest bit rate for MP3 is 320 kbps.

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Q: What is the bit-rate of a music CD?
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What exactly is RMVB used for?

RMVB is Real Media Variable Bitrate. It is a variable bitrate extension of the Real Media multimedia container format developed by Real Networks. It is not used for streaming music, but for storing music data locally.

How do you change the bitrate of an MP4?

You need to download a Bitrate converter.

What do you do to keep the music on the CD do you rip or burn?

To keep music on a CD, it is already there and you do nothing. To put music onto a CD, you "burn" it to the CD. To copy music from a CD to some other memory location, you "rip" it.

When you rip a CD is the music still on the CD?

yes. Ripping just copies the music from the CD into itunes, or whatever music player you are using.

How do I copy music from a cd to a blank cd?

To copy or burn music on a blank CD you will need a recordable CD. These CD's allow you to burn music or videos onto them through a computer. Blank CD's are affordable and are sold in any store.

How can you download music onto CD?

I burn CD from Spotify. I always download music from Spotify to MP3 by using Tunelf Spotify Music Converter then using iTunes to burn Spotify Music to CD.

How do i download a piece of music from you tube on to a CD from?

download the music on your computer and then put an empty cd in and click on the button burn and it will put the music into the cd

Does Bang CD have a large selection of music?

"If you mean Big Band CD music, they feature Busta Rhymes music and have cd's available at any music store or on the internet at Amazon. You can purchase several different cd's at amazon."

How do you transfer music from your iPod to a CD?

you have to burn the music off your computer to the CD you can put music fromm your iPod to a CD didnt know that and vote for Obama

How do you change the bitrate of a video?

You need to re-encode your video with the changed bitrate.

What does it mean to rip music from an audio CD?

it means you are converting the music from the CD to your computer

Can a CD-r hold music?

uh yeah CD ROM it holds music

Does burning a CD erase the music from your computer?

No, it does not. It simply copies the music onto your CD.

why wont my music burn onto my cd's?

why wont my music burn onto my cd's??

Is a mp3 CD the same as a music CD?


How do you put music from a USB onto a CD?

To put music from a USB stick onto a CD, it must first be downloaded to the computer. Then the music files can be burned (downloaded) onto a CD using the CD-ROM.

If you rip a CD will it take the songs off completely?

No, if you rip a CD the music will be on your computer but the CD will still retain the music as well.

Can you put music into a CD that already has music in it?

Yes, as long as the cd isn't protected. A cd is nothing more then a memory device.

How any songs does 700 MB hold?

A typical MP3 file is 5MB, so 700MB holds around 140 songs. It depends on the bitrate of the song of course. CD audio is in Wave format, at around 10 times the bitrate of MP3, so it will take up around 10 times the space. The lower the bitrate, the smaller the files will be, but the worse the audio quality will be.

What is required to play music CD on computer?

programming can be require to play music cd on computer

How do you get music for your music?

I usually us itunes, but that's because i have a netbook. If you have a computer with a slot for cd's you can save you cd's onto "your music.

What is the best CD to use when burning CD?

Sony CD-R Music Cd's works great when you want to download MP3 music to listen to in your car or home stereo.

Can you play music videos from a music CD?


What does bitrate mean?

Bitrate: the number of bits per second that can be transmitted along a digital network.

Does Bang CD have a good selection of music?

"Yes, Bang CD has a wide variety of good music ranging from various different genres of music. Bang CD is a great company to first look at for a cheaper cd, and they will more than likely carry the cd that you are looking for."