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Q: What is the blending hypothesis of inheritance?
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Why blending inheritance is an incorrect hypothesis?

because in order for blending inheritance to occur, all variation would have to be diluted out

How is Mendel's particulate hypothesis is different from the blending hypothesis of inheritance?

The blending hypothesis, but not the particulate hypothesis, maintained that after a mating, the genetic material provided by each of the two parents is mixed in the offspring, losing its individual identity.

How do the constancy hypothesis and blending hypothesis for transmission of traits differ from observable patterns of inheritance?

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What is the type of inheritance that would suggest the concept of blending?

Blending inheritance is inheritance in which contrasting parental characters appear as a blend in the offspring.

Explain how Mendel's particulate hypothesis is different from the blending hypothesis of inheritance?

Mendel showed in his experiments that inherited traits are not passed through the blending of inheritance theory. According to the blending of inheritance theory, an offspring's traits are a blend between the traits of the parent organisms. In Mendel's experiments however, he showed that this was not true, and that inheritance is actually based on genes, through the observation of recessive traits. He observed that an offspring could have a trait that neither of the parents had, which is now explained through both of the parents having the recessive gene for the trait, but not showing it because they are heterozygous dominant. There is a 25% chance that the offspring of two heterozygous dominant parents will produce a homozygous recessive offspring that will show the trait that neither of the parents shows.

Why is the process of evolution consistent with a particulate theory of inheritance rather than a blending theory of inheritance?


What did Darwin not know about his theory of evolution?

A coherent mechanism of inheritance. His " blending " concept was totally wrong as Mendel showed that inheritance is particulate in nature.

How did both Darwin and Wallace fail to understand natural selection?

Both failed to understand the mechanism of inheritance. Darwin had a mistake " blending " idea and Wallace seemed to go along with this concept, though inheritance is particulate.

What was lamarck's incorrect hypothesis regarding inheritance?

Lamarck's incorrect hypothesis regarding inheritance.... Lamarck did not know how traits were inherited (Traits are passed through genes) Genes are not changed by activities in life. They change through mutation occurs before an organism is born.

How does Mendel theory of inheritance support Darwins theory of natural selection?

By giving the theory a mechanism of inheritance. Particulate inheritance, where each parent contributes chromosomes ( Mendel dod not know what a chromosome was and called genes " factors " ) that contain separate alleles that contribute to the progeny's traits. Darwin's idea of " blending " inheritance was completely wrong.

Explain why a trait inherited by incomplete dominance such as the color of appoloosa horses is not a blend of two alleles?

The inheritance of a dominant and a recessive allele results in a blending of traits to produce intermediate characteristics.

What was the major weakness in Charles Darwin's theory during his life time?

The lack of a mechanism to explain how traits were passed to offspring intact when most believed inheritance worked through blending.