What is the blue material on new tires?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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The blue material usually found over the white letters or white wall stripe is simply to keep the the letters and stripe from becoming discolored while stored before installation.

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Q: What is the blue material on new tires?
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Do you get new brakes or new tires first?

new tires. If the tires brake, you'll need it

What material tires would you recommend for a plane?

Aircraft tires are the same materials that auto tires are, just with a different tread pattern.

Why do bias ply tires have high rolling resitance?

Because bias ply tires are constructed with more material than radial tires. More material means less flex which equates to a higher rolling resistance.

Are new tires faster than old tires in Nascar?

Yes the new tires are faster and do not slip.

Who makes blue streak tires?


Why do new tires whine?

Only aggressive tread new tires whine.

Are SUV tires more expensive than car tires?

SUV tires do cost more than car tires. There is more material used in the bigger SUV tires. Keep an eye out in the newspaper, sometimes you can find a sale on tires at places like Big O Tires.

What tires are made of?

ruber and kelver the same material used for bullet-proof vests

What would cause steering to shimmy after installing new tires and even after correcting the imbalance of 3 of the tires and the alignment was fine prior to getting the new tires?

If everything was fine prior to the new tires and If the tires were balanced correctly then you have at least 1 defective tire rotate the tires to identify where the culpret is.

Do new tires require a wheel alignment?

Not necessarily. If the car was in alignment prior to getting the new tires, it will be in alignment after the new tires. It isn't a bad idea to check the alignment periodically and it is probably better to check it more frequently than when you get new tires.

What material is used to manufacture Continental bicycle tires?

The material that is used to manufacture Continental bicycle tires is rubber made from the Uniroyal company or other companies that specializes in supplying rubber for bicycle tires. To get a more specific answer to the question, a visit to the local bicycle shop can render an answer.

Can I purchase used tractor tires or are they only available new?

Yes, you can purchase used tractor tires, and do not need to buy new tires. Online, you can purchase used tractor tires at