What is the bluish white star?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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bluish-white star is the youngest stars, they are new stars

by:mike john s. barraza

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Q: What is the bluish white star?
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What is the color of the hottst star?

bluish white

What is color of a young star?

the color of a young star is *bluish white*

What is the color of the star you see?


Age of a bluish-white star?

the life in earth will still

What is an example of bluish-white star?

Epsilon Orionis and Rigel

What type of star is Gomeisa?

Gomeisa is categorized as a Class B star. Its color is bluish white and the brightness is 3.5 mag.

What is the color of the star vega?

Vega is classified as specral typ `A`, a bluish white star with a surface temperature of around 9600 Kelvin.

Explain how a red star can be more luminous than a bluish-white star?

By being far larger - a red giant/supergiant.

The most important thing one would deduce about a bluish-white star and a red star is?

The blue star would have higher surface temperature than a red star.

Is bluish white an adverb?

No. Although bluish could appear to be modifying white as an adjective, bluish is an adjective and white could be a noun (a color) or adjective (colored).

What color is acamar star?

Acamar is spectral class A4, which makes it bluish-white.

Is a star big or small?

Stars have different sizes..Its either its big because that is the real size..or its small because of heat..The smaller star is Rigel the hottest star the Bluish white star..