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Q: What is the body temperature of a mammal?
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Does a mammal have a constant body temperature?

A mammal has a body temperature that isn't exactly the same all the time, but that is maintained within a narrow range.

What is a mammal's body temperature?

around 36-40 degrees

Which organism maintains a constant body temperature despite temperature changes in the environment?

A mammal

Is a dolphin a mammal and what is a mammal?

Yes, a dolphin is a mammal. A mammal is an animal that can regulate their body temperature and give birth to live young. For example, we Humans are mammals

What is the average body temperature of a mammal?

97 - 103 degrees Fahrenheit

What kind of animal has a constant body temperature?

any kind of mammal.

Which mammal has a constant body temperature?

All mammals are classified as endotherms, which means they have some ability to keep a constant body temperature. However, endothermy is not complete, so a disease or extreme outside temperatures could overpower the mammal's ability to keep its body temperature constant.

Does all mammals have constant body temperatures?

No, some have warm temperature and some have cool temperature like polar bear is a mammal but it have cool temperature and like lion it have warm body temperature

What does it mean if a mammal is warm blooded?

It means that the animal controls it's core body temperature.

Do mammals have a constant body temp?

Technically no. You are a mammal, and your body temperature can fluctuate over the course of a day.However, they are "endotherms", their body temperature is relatively constant and doesn't usually depend much on the environmental temperature (unless the ambient temperature is too hot ... or too cold ... for the body to compensate for).

How does the golden poison dart frog maintain body temperature?

Most amphibians keep their body heat stable through fat reserves. This controls the temperature of their body, but as well as a warm bodied mammal.

A vertebrate whose body temperature does not fluctuate with ambient temp?

Is warm blooded like a mammal or a bird.

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