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The boiling point of water is 100 degrees

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Q: What is the boling point of water at 4.7atm?
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How does pollutants affect the boling point of water?

no effect

What is the boling point for water on the celsius scale?

100 degrees

Would oil alter the boling point of water?

Oil is not soluble in water; the boiling point remain unchanged.

How many Celsius are between the freezing point and boling point of water?

The difference is 100 oC.

Is the boling point of water 32 degrees celsius?

The boiling point of pure water, at standard pressure, is at 100 0C.

What is the boling point of water degree in foreigne heat?

212 degrees Fahrenheit

Why does water's boling point decreases with increase in elevation?

At high elevation the pressure is lower and the boiling point depends on this pressure.

The boling point of water is?

the boiling point of pure water PH value is 0 (neutral) is 100 Degrees Centigrade. or 212 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Will salt water boil at a higher temperature than non salty water?

Yes. Adding salt to water elevates the boling point and depresses the freezing point

What is boling water?

boling water is hot steam comes out of the pot you,if you touch it it well hurt

What is the boling point of sea water?

The boiling point is 100 degrees celsius, exactly the same as ordinary water as the two are no different (apart from the sea salt).

What is the boling point is lead?