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what is the bolt pattern for the 2011 Hyundai Sonata

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what is the bolt pattern for a 2011 acadia

It is a pain to get out! a stud prevents yopu from getting a socket on the bolt for the sensor!

Traditionally, this bolt pattern is found on Volvos, as well as the new Hyundai Veloster.

they have a differant 4 bolt pattern

2003 hyundai is 4 x 114.3 or 4 x 4.5

Brake caliper to carrier front & rear are both 22-32Nm

No, different bolt pattern.No, different bolt pattern.

Its under the hood on theright side on top their is a star shaped hand bolt twist it off theur it is

bolt pattern for what , head, transmission paqn, oil pan ?

BMW X5 Bolt pattern is 5 X 120

no, the 2011 has a 5 on 5 bolt pattern and all Cherokees have 5x4.5 bolt pattern

1991 Mitsubishi MonteroBolt Pattern (in):Bolt Pattern (mm):Offset Range (mm):Front Center Bore (mm):Rear Center Bore (mm):Stud_Size:6x5.506x139.70 to 2010810812x1.5

I know that there is a spin on filter underneath the upper radiator hose however I'm not sure if it also has a internal bolt on one as well.

They will not, and it isn't because of the size but because the 2011 has a 5x5 bolt pattern while the 200 has a 5x4.5 bolt pattern.

You can check the Hyundai site... Sign up and there is a wealth of information on it. I just replaced my cam shaft position sensor on my 1999 Hyundai Sonata 4 cyl 2.4. It was a bolt and a clip. 2 minutes and done.. SONATA(EF) > 1999 > Engine > Engine ControlComponent Location Index > Camshaft Position Sensor (V6) > Camshaft Position Sensor (V6) >

That bolt pattern is an 8 bolt pattern.

2007 and up Wranglers have a 5X5 lug pattern

Only the Mercury Sable has the same hub center, below is a list of all rims with the same bolt pattern.

5x114.3. Center Bore: 67.1. Hardware: 12x1. 50 Lug Offset: 45-55mm

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