What is the bond angle in CH4?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Bond angle is 109.5 degrees.It is equal in every bond

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Q: What is the bond angle in CH4?
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What is the angle of CH4?

The CH4 Bond Angle Will Be 109.5 Degrees Because It Has a Tetrahedral Molecular Geometry.

What bond angle is CH4?

Tetrahedral angle, 109.5 0

What is the angle between each covelent bond of ch4?

The angle between two bonds is 109.5degrees.It is equal in every bond

Why is the water bond angle 104.5 less than the CH4 bond angle 109.5?

in water there are two bond pairs and two lone pairs where as in CH4 there are are four bond pairs nad no lone pair. in ch4 there is only bond pair to bond pair repulsion but in water there are three types of repulsions, lone to lone (greatest repulsion), lone to bond ( lesser repulsion ) and bond to bond ( the least repulsion) , therefore due to the presence of two lone pairs in water the bond pairs are repelled with greater force and they get compressed, reducing the ideal bond angle from 109.5 to 104.5 on the other hand, ch4 has only bond pairs and they dont repel each other that strongly so its angle is greater n its 109.5..

Why is the bond ch4 larger than the bond angle in nh3?

Santa clause crawled into my bed and told me because he said so

Is CH4 a convalent or ionic bond?

CH4 represents a molecule, not a bond at all. The bonds within this molecule are covalent.

Is CH4 a covelant or ionic Bond?

CH4 is a covalent compound.It is non polar

Ch4 have single or double bond?

CH4 has only single bonds.There are no double bonds.

Does CH4 contain a hydrogen bond?

yes it does

What is the bond line formula for methane?


What is an example of a single bond?

Methane CH4

What is the bond associated with CH4?

CH4 ia not polar.So the intra molecular force is london force