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Q: What is the book report on wait till Helen comes?
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What is the name of the graveyard in the book Wait Till Helen Comes?

The graveyard in Wait Till Helen Comes is called Saint Swithin's Graveyard

Where to find the book wait till Helen comes?

you can buy it at borders bookstaore.:)

Is Wait Till Helen Comes good?

Yes!! Its a very good book!!

What did HEH stand for in the book wait till Helen comes?

It is Helen's initials which is Helen Elizabeth Harper. It is also Heather's initials

What is the genre in the book Wait Till Helen Comes?

It is a ghost story. It deals with death and suicide.

In the book Wait till Helen comes where does Mr Simmons go fishing?

under the (stone bridge)

Is wait till Helen comes a good book?

Yes! It is an amazing book, if you haven't read it make sure you do! You will really enjoy it!

What was the ghosts name in wait till Helen comes?

Helen Harper

What was Helen's full name in Wait Till Helen Comes?

Helen Elizabeth Harper

What is the mom and dads name in the book wait till Helen comes?

The dad is named Dave, and the mom is named Jean.

Who would you recommend the book wait til Helen comes to and why?

I would recomend Wait till Helen comes because it realy keeps you at the edge of your seat. Also its a great story of how a sisterly bond grows.

What year did Helen elizabeth Harper die in wait till Helen comes?