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it's about a young girl named Claire who switches bodies with other girls who were born in the same month as her and the same year. She also can i guess "see dead people" because all though her grandmother is dead she is still communicating with Claire as if she were alive. To summarize the rest of the book, she switches places with the girl that the boy she likes, likes. which is very confusing. Her name is Larissa, and his name is Nate. I forgot to mention that she only switches bodies with other girls for a night, they have to be within a few miles from her and there has to be a thunderstorm. So when she switched bodies with this perfect girl called Larissa she decides she would stay in her body for a few weeks and date Nate, the boy she liked. And while she was in Larissa's body, her grandmother, Evelyn, the dead one, would hop into Claire's body to keep Larissa's spirt from it. So Larissa's spirt just lingers. But when "Larissa" might leave town Claire has to find a way back into her own body or else they could never switch back. AND YOU HAVE TO READ THE ENDING TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS. hope I could help.

-Ari .

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"Switch" by Carol Snow is a story about a teenage girl named Claire who discovers she has the ability to switch bodies with someone else by looking into their eyes. As she navigates the challenges of her newfound power, she learns important lessons about empathy, friendship, and self-acceptance.

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Q: What is the book switch by carol snow about?
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