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after beatty's visit he reads Gulliver's Travels

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Q: What is the book that montag read?
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What does montag do to the book after he read the poem in Fahrenheit 451?

Montag dropped the poetry book into his kitchen incinerator.

What does montag do with the book after he read the poem?

Drops it into the incinerator

What book from the bible does Faber read montag in Fahrenheit 451?

the book of jobs

The book of the Bible that Montag has in his memory?

It was Ecclesiastes. I had it as a question on my HW and didnt read the book but :D

What is the first book that Montag read?

after beatty's visit he reads gulliver's travels

In the book Fahrenheit 451 what did montag want from Faber?

Montag wants to learn to read well enough so that he can understand what he is reading.

What book does Montag finally settle on to read with Mildred what is the symbolism of this book?

gulivers travel by johnathan swift

What method did the authorities employ to find Montag?

Read the book! Pages: 108-110

Where is montag keeping the book of ecclesiastes?

Montag has to keep the book of ecclesiates in his memory.

What does beatty tell Montag about how books disappeared?

Read the book and stop mooching off people on the internet.

Where does Montag live in the book?

This book was written in 1953. The setting is supposed to be in the future, but as you read the book the way of their life might not seem so bazaar as it did back then.

In Fahrenheit 451 what book does Montag become?

the back-up of the Book of EcclesiastesGranger is the Book of Ecclesiastes, but he says that once he dies Montag will then become this book. Montag is basically the back-up Book of Ecclesiastes.

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