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Your rank in btech 734 what college offered you for btech?

My rank 734 in b tech what college offered me for btech in ghaziabad and noida?

What is the rank of iimt college meerut in UP?

according to uptu it is 36 for code 127

How much rank required to get IIT btech college?

The required to get IIT btech college is 60% and above.

Is Sports facility in iimt engineering college meerut?

Well IIMT has its campuses in Meerut and Greater Noida. The sports is organised within IIMT Campuses only in which lot of politics is done during selection & it is held for 2to 3 days in a year. Dear if u r thinking to take admission please don't take. It is worst & most mismanaged college I have ever seen.

Is iimt greater noida aicte approved?

IIMT College is approved from AICTE as well as all the relevant statutory bodies. IIMT group of colleges is best way to place to learn and the secure to position yourself in reputable companies.IIMT is different other colleges in NCR region, as it has an amiable learning environment and holistic personality development .Faculty members are also well experienced & work with the students to familiarize with the subject matter in a simple way.A vast well maintained campus with abundant facilities for outdoor and indoor games are few of the other highlights of the campus. Placement & training cell works all the year round to hone the skills of students as well as secure placement for the students who are ready grab that opportunity.

You got 36398 rank in eamcet and iam an sc candidate which college you will get in btech and which branch is preferable?

sir, I got 36398 rank in BTECH in general but iam an sc candidate ,so which college and which branch is preferable to me. will you please give me your guidence to join in BTECH in Andhra pradesh

Which is the tougest btech branch?

all the branches 've same preference but what matters is student's personal interest. . .

Rank 1 college of btech in lucknow?

Don't named it, everyone know.

What is the rank of Galgotia's in uptu for btech?

it is ranked 4th in uptu. it is good college.

How is roorke coer for btech uttarakhand?

worst college...zero placement of 2013 batch.

Fees of bba coarse in iimt meerut?

its about 1lakh per year

Rank wise college list of Btech in uptu?

ITM LUCKNOW (Btech code-483,B.arch code-672,Mba code-673) knit iet mmm biet

Tell me about your self for fresher of btech student?

i m archana singh from lucknow .i did my schcooling from lucknow also.i did my high school from sr inter college and inter from dayanand inter college.i completed my btech from goel institute of technology and management.i secure 70% marks in btech.

How do you get admn in BTech in HBTI?

If u want to tke admn in btech or any UG course then plz feel free to call. We will provide u d bst college with minm donation. M-09934456537

What is the rank of northern India engineering college lucknow?

whether you do your btech or not but never ever go for admission in niec.

What is the syllabus of btech automobile of MG university?

u can get it in matha college of technology, n.parur , kerala,official website

Opening and closing rank for btech in government college of uptu?

Type your answer here... up to 5000 general rank

Top 10 private college for mca affiliated uptu?

Forte Institute of Technology , Meerut GLA Institute of Technology & Management , Mathura I T S Management & IT Institute , Ghaziabad ABES Engineering College , Ghaziabad IIMT ENgineering College , Meerut IMS Engineering Collge , Ghaziabad Kanpur Institute of Technology , Kanpur Madan Mohan Malaviya Engineering College , Lucknow R D Engineering College , Ghaziabad

Is BTech courses of Karunya university Coimbatore approved by Kerala PSC?

if a university is approved by "UGC" it is approved by kerala PSC, provided that the college you study should not be 'autonomous college.' Autonomous college degrees are not approved by universities in kerala

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