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The breed of horse is a Thoroughbred, it is the horse that the cars are named after.


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The horse on a Ferrari is a Thoroughbred. it is in fact the horse that the cars were named after.

The ferrari symbol is the prancing horse.

No it is a car with the symbol as a horse

Scuderia Ferrari meaning "Stable Ferrari"(used in horse racing days) or "Team Ferrari"

its a breed of horse not a colour

No a Piston is not a breed of horse.

a piant horse is a breed

The breed of her horse is a Quarter Horse!

No... It may be a stable name, but it isn't a horse breed. An Arabian horse is a real horse breed though.

a yealand pony or horse is a breed of horse

An appaloosa is a breed of spotted horse.

The largest breed of horse is the Percheron.

The Arabian horse is a breed of horses.

It seems that Tony the Wonder Horse was a grade horse. That means that it is unknown what breed Tony was because he was unregistered, or that he was a mixed breed.

Percherons belong to the draft horse breed.

YES!!! its a rearing horse(horse with his front legs in the air)

no. the Arabian was most likely the first breed of horse.

There isn't one breed of horse that is sweeter than another. It depends on the horse.

The Frederiksborger is Denmark's oldest horse breed.

Bashkir Curly is a hypoallergenic horse breed.

It is not possible to breed a horse with a donkey on Howrse.

No it is a Racking Horse breed derived from the Tennessee Walking Horse and recognized as a breed in 1978.

If you ever see the word horse after another word, that is usually the breed. Pampas horse is probably a breed, horse is just a general word, the breed is more specific.

Gypsy Vanner The most recent horse breed was developed by the chinese, and it is the Yili horse

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