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Feed it to the tortoise in the Kaya Forests.

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Q: What is the cactus fruit for on poptropica?
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How do you move the tortoise in kaya forest poptropica?

You have to get the cactus fruit to lure him out.

Can you eat organ pipe cactus fruit?

Yes, you can eat the fruit of this cactus

What are cactus berries?

A cactus berry is one of the forms that cactus fruit may take. Different cactus plants make different types of fruit. For example, the fruit of the living rock or fossil cactus [Ariocarpusspp] looks like pale fleshy berries. In contrast, the saguaro cactus [Carnegiea gigantea] makes fruit that looks like red plums.

What cactus grows edible fruit?

the siguaro cactus i think.

Can you eat barrel cactus fruit?

you can not eat a barel cactus

What is the name of a medication that is made from cactus fruit from cactus?


How do you get the tortoise to move on poptropica?

Feed him the cactus fig.

How do you get the feeder on Nabooti Island in Poptropica?

do you mean cactus fruit? well go to Mountains of the Moon, avoid the 1st ram, OK now, go past the 2 ndram OK, now when he bumps you after you're be hind him he turns around, then he bashes you, jump when he does that! OK now jump up to get the cactus fruit! and that's how!

Where is the cactus in Poptropica?

The cactus in Nabooti island is on the side of the green mountain, by the woman. it is on one of the mountain cities

What are two major types of cactus?

There are two types of cactus, columnar cactus and climbing cactus. Climbing cactus e.g dragon fruit plant.

What is the cost of a cactus fruit?


What is the spud shooter on poptropica?

you have to win the contest in dos cactus and you will get it