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Venice, the Italian Province's, capital is Venice.

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Q: What is the capital city of Venice?
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What is Venice's capital city?

No, Rome is the capital of it on the east coast ot italy, or west coast?

What country has the capital called Venice?

While Venice, Italy is a capital city within Italy, it is the capital of a region in Italy, not of the nation Italy. The capital city of Italy is Rome.So while no country today has Venice as its capital city, Venice (or Venezia, as known there) is the capital of the Veneto, or Venetia, Region in Italy, one of twenty regions.Between the 8th and 18th centuries, Venice was the capital of an area called the Venetian Republic (actually, Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia, the Most Serene Republic of Venice).**SO THIS ANSWER IS ITALY**; )

What city and state is know as the Shark Tooth Capital of the World?

Venice Florida

What city and state is known as the shark tooth capital of the world?

Venice Florida

Emperor Honorius moved the capital of the Western empire to this northern Italian city?


Is venis the capital of Italy?

The correct spelling of the city is Venice, but it's not the Italian capital. It's Rome since 1870.

Is Vienna In Italy?

No. The capital of Austria is called Vienna. There are places in Italy called Verona, San Vincenzo, and Venice if that's what you mean.

Which is not a city made up of islands Vienna Venice or Amsterdam?

Vienna (Wien) is the capital of Austria and is not on islands.

What is the capital of veneto?

The capital of veneto is Venice.

Is venis Italy a city?

yes venis italy is a city just like rome is is a city it is the capital

What is a sentence for Venice?

Venice is very beautiful city. It is a city built over a canal.

Which city is famous for its palaces gondola and canals?