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What is the cat sound called?

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What is the sound an cat makes called?

It is meow.

What disease causes an infant to sound like a cat when crying?

It is not a disease its a disorder called the cry of the cat thus the infant sound like a cat crying. It is caused by genetics

What is the sound made by cat called?

The sound is a meow or a purr or a hiss. The sound is a meow or a purr or a hiss.I think.MEOW!~

Your cat wails all the time?

This sound is called "yowling." The cat is either in distress or is not spayed/neutered.

What is cat's cry called?

The sound a cat makes is typically called a meow. Sometimes the sound is called a mew, or the animal may be said to be mewling. There is no exact term to describe the sound.

Does cat have a short vowel sound?

Yes. The A sound in cat is a short A (ah) sound.

Why does your cat make a snoring sound when you pet her?

It's called purring, and it means she is happy.

What do you call the sound a cat makes?

The sound a cat makes is "MEOW". MEOW

Does cat have a long vowel sound?

No. The A in cat is a short A sound as in apple.

Which word has a short a sound cat or bag?


What sound does a jungle cat make?

There is no species called a jungle cat but there are a number of species that live in the jungle - jaguars, pumas, ocelots, jaguarundis, etc., and each has a distinctive sound.

Sound of cat?


Is Katy Perry's cat a girl?

Yes, she's called Kitty Purry (which is a play on words ~ Kitty is a cat, and Purry referring to the sound that cats make when contented). Her husband, Russell Brand, also has a cat called Morissey (after the singer). Hope this helped (:

What is the Japanese word for cat sound?

the Japanese word for a cat sound is nya nyaa~! I'm a kitty nyaa~!

Is the same vowel sound in cat and flag?

Yes. The same short A sound is in cat, flag, fat, and flat.

Does 'that' have a long a sound?

No. The A in that has a short A sound as in cat and hat.

What is a cat with a fever called?

A cat that is sick is called a sick cat

What'a male cat called?

A male cat is called a tom and a female cat is called a molly.

Does a cat meow?

Yes, a meow is one sound that a cat can make.

What sound does a cat make when happy?

A happy or contented cat will purr.

Why do you call a cat a pussycat?

The origins of the term are unknown, but the name is probably related to the 'pss-pss-pss-pss' sound that is commonly used to call cats. Note: The original usage of "pussy cat" is to denote a female cat, just as a male cat is called a "tom cat".

What would it sound like if a cat was happy?

a small meow that doesn't sound pitiful or they would purr. A purr is a rumbling sound a cat makes deep in its throat.

What is a male cat called and a female cat called?

A male cat is NOT called a "cat." The proper name is "Tom." Thus, a female cat is called a "Molly." However, if a female cat is pregnant or nursing, she is referred to as a "Queen."

What are a female and male cat called?

a male cat is called a tom and a female cat is called a queen

Does mat have a short a sound?

Yes. The A has a short A sound as in bat and cat.

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