What is the caudal direction?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: What is the caudal direction?
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What does it mean to say that the small intestines are caudal to the stomach?

Caudal is a direction. It means "towards the tail".

Is cephalo-caudal the outward or downward direction of development?


A baby's control over muscle progresses in what direction?

inferior direction as well as a proximal/distal direction

What anatomical direction is a dogs tail to its neck?

The dog's tail is caudal to the dog's neck. Caudal and cranial are descriptors for direction, similar to "Canada is north of the United States". Cranial is towards the head; caudal is towards the tail/rear.

Is it true that muscle development in babies occur in a cephalic caudal direction?


What is the medical term meaning pertaining to the direction of the tailbone?

Caudal is the medical term meaning pertaining to the direction of the tailbone.caudalCaudal means in the direction of the tailbone (or the coccyx).caudad

Describe direction of fetal development distal-proximal or caudal-rostral?

claudal-rostal, proximal distal <--i think

What is the medical term of caudal?

Of, at, or near the tail or hind parts; posterior: the caudal fin of a fish.Source: Also: Source: Memmlers Structure and Function of the Human Body, Eighth Edition Caudal means nearer the sacral region of the spinal column (ie, where the tail is located in lower animals), or, in humans, in an inferior direction.

What is the Twelve o'clock position in medical terms?

The twelve o'clock position is the superior position, or perhaps the caudal direction in some contexts.

Show you some position of caudal?

Caudal means towards the tail. So your chin is caudal to your eyes. Your belly button is caudal to both your chin and your eyes.

Is the umbilicus caudal to the chin?

the umbilicus is caudal to the chin

The direction of baby's muscles progresses in?

The direction of a baby's muscle progress in both a caudal and cephalic manner. It is best to approach the baby in both directions so both processes progress evenly.