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What is the cause of 1995 jimmy with no heat coming from main vent Defrost is fine as well as floor heat When turned to cold side air flow increases When turned back to heat air flow subside?

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2008-01-07 13:23:13

I have the identical problem on a 1991 Jimmy. I have replaced

the blower motor and flushed the heater coil. I know the vents are

working properly because they work when the temperature is selected

to cold. I am wondering if there is something under the hood that

redirects the aif flow either through the cooling coil or the

heater coil based on the position of the temperature control. If so

possibly the heater coil (air side) is clogged. I noticed that the

heater coil is below the AC coil so it is possible that debris is

down in it. I may try to pull it and clean it. Have you tried


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