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Rust is caused when any corrosive metal[mostly iron] is affected by moisture.This causes the metal to oxidise[combine with oxygen from the water] and become a metallic oxide,which appears in a typical maroonish color and is called as rust.

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How is rust of wheat caused?

From three primary fungus species belonging to the Pucciniaceae family. Puccinia triticina causes 'black rust', P.recondita causes 'brown rust' and P.sriiformis causes 'yellow rust'.

Does hydrogen cause rust?

no, oxygen causes rust.

What is the chemical reaction that causes iron to rust?

The chemical reaction that causes iron to rust is oxidation.

What causes rust on copper?

It's probably oxidation, not rust.

What causes rust?


What liquid causes metal to rust?

One of the most common liquids is water and that causes rust. salt water does also:)

What can cause iron to rust other than water?

what causes iron to rust??

What causes vinegar to rust a penny?

Vinegar cleans a penny, it does not make it rust.

What types of material will cause iron to rust?

oxygen causes iron to rust

What causes rust on a knife?

Rust is a reaction of iron oxidation in the presence of water.

What is the gas that causes rust?


Do magnetic materials rust?

They can, but you have to understand that magnetism and oxidation (the process that causes rust) are unrelated.

What gases causes iron to rust and candles to burn?

oxygen, rust is iron oxide

Oxygen causes metal to?

oxygen causes metal to rust oxidate

Does vinegar rust a nail?

Vinegar does rust nails. The vinegar has acetic acid. This releases hydrogen that causes the nail to oxidize and rust.

What causes iron to rust faster in saltwater?


What causes OJ to rust a nail?

What is OJ.

When oxygen mixes with iron what does it do to the rock?

When iron mixes with oxygen, it causes iron oxide, commonly known as rust. Therefore it causes the rock to "rust".

What weather conditions does not cause rust?

Dry weather, like the desert. Moisture causes rust.

What causes zinc to rust?

Zinc doesn't rust; zinc protect iron (and alloys) from rusting.

What type of liquid make a nail rust?

the type of liquid that causes a nail to rust is vinegar

What liquid causes an iron nail to rust faster water or coke?

coke will make it rust faster

What causes coca cola to make a nail rust?

The acid in the drink makes the nail rust. The nail would rust if you put it in any liquid, but acid makes it rust faster.

Is rust a metal?

Rust occurs when iron and oxygen meet and the oxygen causes the iron to decay. Yes in a way, rust is the corroded metal iron.

What causes rust on some rocks?

acid rain