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A boner

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Q: What is the central argument of a media presentation called?
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Is multimedia a media?

Yes, it could be. If a demonstration is put on and the media is specified as "multimedia" for this presentation, you'd know to expect different media in the presentation. It's more of a "usage" thing than a strict definition of the term media, probably.

Uses a variety of media and presentation modes to convey different types of information?

how to use a variety of media and presentation mode to convey different types of information?

What things you might use in a multimedia presentation?

a multimedia Presentation is one which contains more than one media. Media can be voice, graphics, animations, Music , Video etc. Each media add on the value to Presentation.Most of the time Multimedia Presentations are used to Present companies, products, services, subject matter. The various forms are Video Presentation, Interactive Presentation, Static Presentation, CBT or E Learning. check out for sample of each type of Multimedia Presentation. There are example of all type of Presentation

What does multimedia presentation mean?

A presentation that uses multiple forms of media (audio and video, slideshows, etc).

When did Central Park Media end?

Central Park Media ended in 2009.

When was Central Park Media created?

Central Park Media was created in 1990.

What type of media would enhance a presentation?


Why should you add other forms of media to the text in a presentation or report?

To better communicate the main point of the presentation

You should add forms of media to the text of a presentation or report when?

you want to better communicate the main point of the presentation.

When do you say that a presentation is a multimedia presentation?

When it involves multiple forms of media. If you have video, audio, print and slides in any combination.

When was Central European Media Enterprises created?

Central European Media Enterprises was created in 1994.

What is Central European Media Enterprises's population?

Central European Media Enterprises's population is 4,900.

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