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Frosted Toasted Oat Cereal With Marshmallows

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Q: What is the cereal Lucky Charms?
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What is the name of the leprechaun on Lucky Charms cereal?


What cereal has a leprechaun on it?

Lucky Charms.

The words to the jingle for lucky charms cereal?

Catch the Lucky Charms, they're Magically Delicious!

What is the name of the leprechaun on a box of Lucky Charms cereal?


What did Lucky the Leprechaun help sell?

Lucky Charms cereal

What is a leprechuans favorite cereal?

lucky charms

How many calories does lucky charms cereal have?

a 3/4 cup of lucky charms has 110 calories in it

What were shapes of marshmallows in lucky charms cereal?

Lots of different shapes make up Lucky Charms!

What is the name of the leprechaun featured on boxes of lucky charms cereal?

the answer is lucky

What is kendall schmidt favorite cereal?

Kendalls favourite cereal is Lucky charms

Where was lucky charms cereal invented?

In Toronto Canada!

Where do you find lucky charms cereal in PA?


What Type of cereal deals with a leprechaun?

Lucky Charms :)

How do you get a leprechauhn?

You give it some lucky charms cereal

What year was lucky charms cereal created?


Which breakfast cereal is not produce by kellogs?

lucky charms

What is the price of lucky charms cereal?

about tree fidy...

Are lucky charms a pure substance?

only a cereal

What is arianna grande favorite cereal?

lucky charms :)

How does lucky charms cereal market there product?

Lucky Charms cereal is marketed using TV ads, grocery store ads, and web sites (Boxtops for education).

Have they ever invented a cereal called Chocolate charms?

It's called Chocolate Lucky Charms

What is the most famous breakfast cereal?

LUCKY CHARMS Frankenberry

What is a breakfast food that starts with L?

· Lucky Charms cereal

Is there a cereal that starts with the letter L?

life, lucky charms

What company makes the cereal lucky charms?

General Mills