What is the challenges the population face?

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What challenges were faced at Freedom Summer?

The Freedom Summer of 1964 was a period of overwhelming violence inMississippi. Activists and local volunteers were arrested, beaten,and murdered. Local churches and businesse

What challenges did Rommel face?

Rommel faced a logistical supply shortage; because North Africa was a "side-show" to Germany's real war on the Russian (Soviet) Front. The Russian Front had priority, he didn'

What main challenges does Indonesia face due to it's high population density?

Indonesia faces quite a few challenges because of the highpopulation density. There are environmental issues, likedeforestation, over farming on soil causing erosion, and wate

What challenges did Oprah face?

One of Oprah's biggest challenges is her weight; she gains weightvery easily. She also has faced the challenge of racism.

What challenges did Desmond Tutu face?

Desmond Tutu had many challenges. He pushed himself to get acollege education when most blacks in South Africa were unable toget an education. He was the first black bishop an
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What challenges did Muslims face?

since the beginning of Islam the first challenge was " every himan being have the right to know about the message of Islam " the last religion" Jews didn't accept Mohammad a
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What are the challenges most Mexicans face with the growing population?

The problem is not population itself; the issue Mexico faces is that economy is not growing as quickly as its population, resulting in poverty and lack of opportunities. As mo