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What is the charasteristicts of carrots?

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The charasteristics of a carrot would probably be orange, rough, rugged,and full with minerals and vitamins.

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How many carrots are there in a bushel of carrots?

There are a hundred [100] carrots in a bushel of carrots.

Are carrots edible?

CarrotsYes, carrots are edible.

What do carrots smell?


How many carrots are in a bag of carrots?

the volume decides the no. of carrots in a bag

What is collective noun for carrots?

The collective nouns for carrots are:a row of carrots (in a garden)a bunch of carrots (in a market).

if i had 45 carrots and rudeolph ATE 25 AND 3 HALFS how many carrots would i have?

Total number of carrots: 45 Rudolph had 25 and 3 halves. That makes it 45-26.5 = 18.5 carrots. 18 whole carrots and a half carrot.

Where do carrots leave?

carrots are yummy

Why do you crave carrots?

why do i crave carrots

What are raw carrots?

They are carrots that are uncooked.

Do you like carrots?

i know most people do not like carrots but the truth is that carrots are really healthy for you and carrots have good stuff that you need

Where are all the carrots in poptropica?

This bunny dude has all the carrots. HE CARROTS! He's in this rat infested sewer.HE IS GOING TO RUIN THE CARROTS!

What is Louis Tomlinsons favorite food?

CARROTS he loves carrots, girls who eat carrots and his fans send him a lot of carrots. -pandabear19

What is the three things that Louis Tomlinson hate the most?

Carrots, Carrots and more carrots

How do you tame pigs on minecraft?

Right click them with CARROTS. [Pure Carrots] not [Golden Carrots]

Do pigs eat carrots?

yes! they do eat carrots.

How long do you bake 'carrots'?


Are carrots tubers?

Carrots are roots, not tubers.

What country are carrots from?

The carrots are originaly from Afghanistan.

What is carrots in Spanish?

"Carrots" in Spanish are "zanahorias".

What are California carrots?

Carrots from california, obviously.

Were does carrots grow?

Carrots grow underground

What kind of plants are carrots?

Carrots are dicotyledonous

How are carrots renewable?

Yes carrots are renewable

Are there sugars in carrots?

there is NO sugars in carrots sorry

Is carrots an adverb?

No, carrots is a plural noun.