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Toshiba tends to offer the cheapest DVD/VCR combo, starting around $95 new.


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Connect a coaxial cable to the "out to TV" input on the back of your DVR, and then hook up the other end to your TV's "RF In" input. For slightly better picture quality, you can connect composite or S-Video cables from the back of your DVR to the DVD VCR Combo. Newer models have two audio and video connections. Hope this helps and good luck!

The cheapest is around 50 dollars. Walmart has a machine for around 67 dollars. You can find some even lower than this on this webiste (

You can run your cable to you DVD/VCR as to have everything hooked up and be able to record if you like from you cable - it is just easier to have everything hooked up. It doesn't have to be on when you are not using it as there are buttons for TV/VCR/DVD etc.

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