What is the cheapest mermaid tail ever?


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U think mermaid tails are chip u can go to mermagica. And buy whon

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The cheapest place is the 99 cent store

Depends on the type of material you are asking for.

You can buy swimmable mermaid tails at: Mermagica has the cheapest ones!! But Mertailor is the most realistic!

It you can swim in it then yes.

well, go into water. Now check if you grew a mermaid tail. If you have a tail, you are a mermaid

How do you have a mermaid in 5 minutes .

It has been suggested that the "Dugong or Manatee" could be the source of the fabled Mermaid. There is however no evidence that there has ever been such a thing as a "Mermaid" which is described as a human head and body with a fishes tail.

Mermagica is the best place to get a mermaid tail or, if you feel crafty, just go online and search 'how to make a mermaid tail' and make one yourself.

Personally making a mermaid tail is better, don't think I'm crazy but the mermaid tails at mermagica look fake

To make a rubber mermaid tail someone needs to design a mold. Then they pour the rubber into the mold to create the tail.

You can make a mermaid tail out of pants with an elastic waist. Additional instructions are avilable at:

Unless you have surgery to have the part below your waist turned into something resembling a water mammal's torso and tail, there is no way to really turn yourself into a mermaid. No one has ever been surgically altered into a mermaid, or merman, and hopefully no one ever will. Mermaids are fiction. They are not real.

See the Related Links below to see a YouTube video on how to make a mermaid tail.

It is different for every tail

When you buy your mermaid tail it will be your favorite color because that is the one you will pick. You can not become a mermaid because they are not real and the only way is to pretend to be one.

Well, there is NO way you can get a free mermaid tail. But you could just dream about it because I also am wishing for one too.

No they are not real. Although P. T. Barnum displayed the Fiji mermaid for many a year. This was later found to be a monkey carcase with a fish tail sewed on. The mermaid myth came up when sailors thought they saw a mermaid but they are actually manatees

Second Life is an online virtual world. To become a mermaid, you only have to buy a mermaid avatar or a mermaid tail.

You can just search online for mermaid tails.That's what I did and I got an awesome mermaid tail.

in or

Yes she is, she has a green tail.

It means that the mermaid that has a red tail is in-love!

Mermaids do not exist. They are made up and from stories, so humans can not have a mermaid tail unless they make one from cloth or buy a costume.

possibly target or Halloween city

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