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What is the cheat codes to get the mystic ticket in Pokemon emerald?


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there is none that work

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Do not cheat just find a friend with the mystic ticket and a mystery gift and bam you get mystic ticket

You half to go to a Nintendo event or use a cheat device.

There was an event that's how you get it the only other way is to use a gameshark.

You'd have to use a GameShark for the cheat or, get a Mystic Ticket from a Pokemon event, or, trade with someone else.

Its mystic Ticket and yes i do... But why would i give it to you

You can get the Mystic and Aurora Ticket from a special Nintendo/Pokemon event such as the ones that happened in 2004, but they have expired and no longer can obtain them this way. You will need to use an Action Replay or GameShark to cheat for the Mystic Ticket.

At Navel Rock, and you get there by using a mystic ticket you can get one by using a gameshark or action replay or nintendo event or a cheat.

I think you exchange it with a MYSTIC WATER or a CHEAT.

I'm guessing you mean the Mystic Ticket (which is "Mysterious Ticket" in Japanese). Unfortunately, this was an event item, so the only way to get it now is through a cheat device like an Action Replay / Game Shark.

dude, you need to reaserch on Pokemon a bit if you think that this is possible You can't catch Lugia in Emerald. by using a mystic ticket! P.S. Hope I ansered your question! =) ughh or in other words....CHEAT action replay...game sharks..etc.

You need to have a Mystic Ticket, which will allow you to sail to Navel Rock... But to obtain a Mystic Ticket, you need to attend a Nintendo Event which isn't present these days... You can still trade one from someone who attended the event... But if you don't know someone who got a Mystic Ticket, then the only choice left is using a cheat code... Search the net for both Mystic Ticket Item and Navel Rock Enabler (eg. search Mystic Ticket and Navel Rock Enabler Cheat Code)... Once you get into the Navel Rock, you can obtain an item called Sacred Rock and you can also capture level 70 Ho-Oh and Lugia.

how to cheat Pokemon emerald masterball with password

You have to have a cheat. (For example a game shark).Or you have to go to a Pokemon convention and they will give you a ticket to the island.

The Eon Ticket is an event exclusive item in Pokemon Emerald. This means it can only be obtained from certain events. However these events are no longer being supported. Currently the only way to get an Eon Ticket in Pokemon Emerald is by using a cheat device.

I think you need a Nintendo event or a cheat no i don't have it

will aljazera old card can be use if activated instead of new one?

Get the mystic ticket at a Nintendo event which pretty much is over with. So you you kind of have to cheat. Sorry

You need to go to a Nintendo Event (that they don't hold anymore) and obtain the Mystic Ticket. Or you can just cheat.

The tri pass is given by bill, the rainbow pass is given by celio, the mystic ticket and aurora ticket are both unavailable unless you cheat.

To get all 386 Pokemon is by trading Pokemon from these games: Ruby, Sapphire, Colloseum, Firered, Leafgreen and Emerald and special downlaods such as the aroura ticket or the mistic ticket. Use an action replay.(if you want to cheat)

Most likely a ticket cheat because you also have to have an enabler cheat which usually don't even work.

There is no legitimate cheat to get the Dragonscale item in Pokemon Emerald. You would have to hack the game with an action replay.

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