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What is the cheat for a master ball on Pokemon pearl on ds?


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in jubelife ... top prize tv staition ... MASTER BALL!


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where do you get the second master ball in Pokemon pearl

well i dont know about diamond or pearl but there is a emerald cloning cheat if that helps

You can get one Master Ball in your GBA game and then migrate to Pokemon Pearl with a Pokemon holding the Master Ball.

trade a friend a pokemon and his pokemon holding a master ball

Yes, you have to cheat or get match all five numbers in the lottery or trade with someone who has a master ball.

You can't. But you can get the 999 master ball cheat that I dont know. Hope this helped :D.

i did not know there was that cheat but right now im frustrated over the Pokemon Pokemon cloning cheat. it work for me!

In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum you can get one master ball from Master Cyrus. To get more, you have to cheat using a Action Replay DS or DSI, or you can trade Pokemon with your friends and receive master balls from the Pokemon that they traded.

No you only get one master ball in Pokemon pearl. Sorry if this has upset you.

Um Who told you that cheat is probably a lair but it is true for the 999X master ball cheat.

You get the cheat for master balls and you can cathch Palkia with a master ball. It is also a way to not use action replay and cathch Palkia with a master ball you should recive.

Just cheat the mastercballs...

2nd master ball? theres only 1 type of master ball!

I don't know a master ball cheat, but there is a way of duplicating a Pokemon holding a master ball so u get two master balls and so on.

To my opinion, the best cheats are either the Shiny Pokémon cheat, the 999 Master Ball cheat, the Azure flute cheat which leads to Arceus, and the National Pokédex cheat.

5464E2A3 B185BBEE it will give you master ball if it works on yours

You get a Master Ball from Team Galactic Boss Cyrus at the Galactic HQ.

beat Cyrus team galactics boss and he gives you the master ball

There is no cheat to steel other trainers pokemon. This can be done only if you have a master ball.

depends you can use the master ball and get it in one go without attacking or you can weaken it and throw a premium ball because you only get 1 master ball

If you have a master ball you can steal someone elses pokemon.

use the action replay and enter the X999 master ball cheat and catch other peoples Pokemon cheat and challenge Cynthia and get her Garchomp

you have to get an action replay then you get 999 master balls

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