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There is no cheat for catching all the Pokemon on Pokemon platinum. it's all down to hard work and persistence.

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What are cheat codes for Pokemon platinum?

cheat codes for Pokemon platinum are codes that are used for cheating.

How do you get an action replay in Pokemon Platinum?

Google Pokemon platinum ar cheat then type in what cheat you want.

How do you get all three starter Pokemon whithout cheat codes in Pokemon platinum?

you cant in platinum but you could trade from Diamond and Pearl or another Platinum.

How do you activate the 999 masterball cheat on Pokemon Platinum actionreplay?

how do you get the 999 masterball cheat for Pokemon platinum actionreplay

Dsi cheat codes for Pokemon Platinum?

how can i get a level100 palkia in pokemon platinum

How do you get all Pokemons in Pokemon Platinum?

One way is to get all possible Pokemon in Pokemon platinum and migrate all the remaining Pokemon from another region. Another way is to use cheat like an action replay

How do you catch all 493 Pokemon in Pokemon platinum?

You can use action replay to get the complete pokedex cheat, but you won't get all of the pokemon.

What is the shiny cheat in Pokemon Platinum?

The shiny cheat is a cheat that makes every wild Pokemon shiny yay cheats ^.^ yeah it really works all my Pokemon are shiny too!

Pokemon Platinum cheat for all Pokemon?

If your looking for Pokemon cheats. You need to get an Action Replay that's is one of the best cheat 3rd part items.

What is the cheat to get all 3 starter Pokemon on Pokemon platinum?

check it up on neoseeker.com and you might find it.

How do you get celebi on the action replay dsi for Pokemon Platinum?

go to the actionreplaydsi app on your computer then go to UK codes and put that Pokemon platinum cheat on it and it will have a wild Pokemon modifier and you can chose any Pokemon. p.s. there is a cheat to be all wild Pokemon will be shiny

Is there a cheat for all lengendery in Pokemon platinum?

If by cheat, you mean an Action Replay code, then yes. But if you mean in game, then no.

How do you get kyogar in Pokemon Platinum?

Migerat it or trade it. You can't use the cheat card on Pokemon platinum.

How do you get Pokemon light platinum hm cheat?

pokemon light platium cheat for everything for1

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