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What is the chemical equation of salt water?


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Salt water is a mixture, not a compound. There is water, H2O, and there is salt, NaCl.


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Chemical formula of:tin is Snsalt is Na+aq and Cl-aqwater is H2OThere is no equation because there is no reaction!

Chemical Equation For SaltSalt is Sodium Chloride so: NaCl. The word equation for salt is:Sodium + Chlorine = Sodium ChlorideORThe chemical equation is:Na + Cl = NaCl

NaCl is the chemical equation for salt it is sodium and chlorine so if the water is pure then no it is not an acid

There is none. The salt will just dissolve. The dissolution equation is NaCl --> Na+ + Cl-

The basic chemical equation for neutralization is known as follows :Acid + base =salt + water.H+ (aq) + HO- (aq)H2O

The chemical formula (not equation) of sodium chloride is NaCl.

Metal Carbonate + Acid --> Salt + Water + CO2

This is not a chemical formula or equation.

Salt water is not a chemical change.

the chemical equation is water + soap=[whatever you get for the expierement. jessyjjd

Any chemical equation; it is a water solution of sugar.

The chemical equation when hydrochloric acid react with potassium hydroxide.acid + base =Salt + water . That means,KOH+HCl-> KCl+ H2O.

a substance that is classified as salt

chemical equation for water- H2O chemical equation for oxygen- O2when water, oxygen and iron comes in contact the process of rusting occurs.

H2O is the chemical symbol for water.

NaCl is not an equation but a chemical formula. NaCl is sodium chloride and for non-chemists: table salt.

Equation? It's not an algebra problem! The chemical formula is NaCl.

If you mean epsom salt, the chemical formula is MgSO4, also called magnesium sulfate.

vinegar's chemical formula is CH3COOH, while salt is NaCl Now Na+ and Cl- are both specator ions. So if the mixture is in water then the equation will go as fallows. CH3COOH + NaCl + H2O ------ NaCH3COO + Cl- + H3O

The chemical equation for the ionization of water is H positive + OH negative

The chemical formula (not equation) of water is H2O.

HCl + NaOH = NaCl + H2O Acid + Base = Salt + Water

Salt water is a solution.

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