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There's no reaction to be expected.

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Q: What is the chemical equation when one mixes Ferric Chloride FeCl3 and Iron Fe?
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Chemical symbol of ferric chloride?


What is the equation when iron reacts with chlorine giving ferric chloride or ferrous chloride?

Ferric or Iron (III) = Fe3+Chloride = Cl-Fe3+ + Cl- = Fe2Cl

What is the balanced equation for aniline with ferric chloride?

Aniline on heating with Ferric chloride forms Ferric anilide and HCl. 3C6H5-NH2 + FeCl3 = (C6H5-NH)3Fe + 3HCl

What is the formula of ferric chloride in chemistry?


Formula of ferric chloride?

Formula : FeCl3

What is the net ionic equation for ferric chloride and sodium hydroxide?

FeCl3 + 3NaOh >>>>> Fe(OH)3 + 3NaCl

What is the similarity between chemical bonds of ferric chloride and aluminium chloride?

Both compound have covalent bonds with formula FeCl3 and AlCl3.

What is the balanced equation for the reaction of ferric chloride with ammonium hydroxide?

Ferric Chloride = FeCl3Ammonium Hydroxide = NH4OHFerric (III) Chloride + Ammonium Hydroxide = Ferric (III) Hydroxide + Ammonium Chloride FeCl3 + 3NH4OH = Fe(OH)3 + 3NH4Cl

What is the chemical formula of ferric cloride?


5h2 what is the coefficient of h2?

The equation describes the action of hydrochloric acid (HCl) on iron (Fe). Ferric chloride (FeCl3) and hydrogen gas (H2) are the resultants. Fe + HCl => FeCl3 + H2 Let's balance this equation. 2Fe + 6HCl => 2FeCl3 = 3H2 Simple and easy. Practice is the key. Note that ferric chloride is often written iron(III) chloride.

Conversion of Ferric chloride to ferrous chloride?

Dissolving more iron in a solution of ferric chloride yields green ferrous chloride.2 FeCl3 + Fe ----> 3 FeCl2

What is the product when sodium hydroxide reacts with ferric chloride?

Reaction_of_ferric_chloride_to_sodium_hydroxideBasically: FeCl3 (ferric chloride) + 3NaOH (sodium hydroxide) > Fe(OH)3 + 3NaCl (ferric hydroxide precipitate and sodium chloride, respectively)