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Dish soap is a mixture of many different compounds. These compounds are written on the label.

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Chemical formula for dish soap?

Dishsoap is a mixture and so does not have a chemical formula.

What is the chemical formula for dish soap and water?

There is none. Dish soap and water form a mixture. Mixtures do not have chemical formulas.

What is the chemical formula of liquid dish washing soap?

There is NOT one chemical formula for liquid washing soap, because it is not ONE (pure) compound, rather a brand-depending mixture.

Is dish soap a chemical change or physical change?

the creation of soap is a chemical reaction.

Soap formula equation?

Soap is a mixture and not a compound. It therefore does not have a chemical formula.

What is chemical formula for soap nut powder?

it has no chemical formula. it is a mixture. only compounds have a chemical formula.

What is the chemical formula for dish soap?

You can follow the link, below, and explore the ingredient list for Palmolive dish soap. The exact proportions are a trade secret, so you will only be able to see the ingredient list. Be aware that the list uses 'familiar' names and not necessarily chemical formulations.

What is the chemical formula and the chemical name of dish detergent?

Caustic Soda The chemical formula is C12H7Cl3O2

Does dawn dish soap and food coloring for a chemical reaction?

well,it depends on what soap you use and its the chemical reaction in the soap that effects the food coloring and milk.

What is the chemical formula of hand soap?

Soap is a complex mixture, not a compound.

Sodium tripolyphosphate chemical formula?

thank you..... please give me the right formula for dish wash i want to now how many type chemical for dish washer formula

What is the chemical formula for liquid soap?

Soap is a salt of fatty acid so its formula could be varied depending on what fatty acid have been used to prepare a particular soap. Additionally, liquid soap could be a mixture of different chemical compounds and hence cannot have a fixed chemical formula.

What is the chemical equation for soap with NaCl?

A mixture has not a chemical formula or equation.

Chemical formula name for Dial soap?

Dial soap contains several chemicals. For example, the chemical formula name for the antibacterial property of Dial soap is hexachlorophene. The name for the chemical that creates the detergent is sodium laurel sulfate.

What is the chemical formula for dishwash soap?

There is no single formula for dishwashing soap. All common kinds of it are mixtures of different molecules.

Is the dish soap an acid or a base?

From what I could find dish soap is an acid base. No no no, dish soap is basic.

What is the chemical formula of liquid hand wash soap?

i need what is the formula for hand wash

Is Mr.Clean a type of dish soap?

Yes, it is a dish soap.

Who made dawn the dish soap?

dawn dish soap is a oil based soap

What is the chemical formula for soap?

Soap is composed of different compounds, dyes, fragrances, etc. Because of this, there is no chemical formula for soap. There is a bit more.Most soaps are sodium salts of long-chain carboxylic acids such as stearic acid, so the formula for this component is:Na+ (C18H35O2)-

Which type of soap removes more grease hand soap dish soap or shampoo?

Dish soap. Dawn Dish Soap is known to remove grease better than anything.

What is chemical formula of soap Dove?

Each specific type of soap has another composition; read the label.

What is in dish-soap?

dish-soap is actually soap used for dishes. can be bought anywhere,even a store near you

What is the chemical formula of soap?

Soap is a mixture, not a compound and so does not have a formula. It normally consists of sodium stearate, sodium palmitate, perfumes and colouring matter.

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