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Chromium(III) fluoride is a green substance, insoluble in water, rarely used as mordant or catalyst in organic chemistry.


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The chemical formula of chromium II fluoride is CrF2.

the chemical formula for chromim(II) fluoride is CrF2

Chromium (II) Fluoride

No, it's a chemical element.

The formula for chromium (III) fluoride is CrF3.

As with most fluorides, it is extremely reactive.

IONIC, because chromium is a metal and chlorine is a non-metal.

CrF3 is chromium(III) fluoride.

CrF3 is the formula for chromium fluoride.

Chromium fluoride is ionic.

The chemical symbol (not formula) of chromium is Cr.

The chemical formula of silver fluoride is AgF.

The Chemical Formula for Cadmium Fluoride is CdF2.

The chemical formula of potassium fluoride is KF.

Chromium III fluoride pentahydrate.

Ammonium fluoride is a correct chemical name ! The chemical formula is NH4F.

Toothpaste is composed of the tin fluoride and sodium fluoride. The chemical formula of sodium fluoride is NaF while that of tin fluoride is SnF2.

Another chemical name is chromium trichloride or chromic chloride. Chromium(III) chloride is a chemical name as well.

Chromium(III) Fluoride tetrahydrate

The chemical formula of chromium iodate is Cr(IO3)3.

It does not easily oxidize in the air. Silver does (tarnish) corrode, while chromium does not, in normal atmospheric conditions.

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