What is the chemical source of electricity?


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Electricity can be generated in a variety of ways, not all of which are chemical in nature, but burning coal is one commonly used method; batteries are also chemical sources of electricity, but there are many different kinds of batteries involving many different kinds of chemical reactions. Broadly speaking, electricity is generated with some form of "redox" or reduction-oxidation type of reaction.

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no, chemical energy is the energy released from chemical reactions

From the energy source, which in most cases is the battery. Which is chemical energy.

If it is the source of electricity, then it is used in the generation of that same electricity.

a laser IS NOT a electricity source its a light source and no its not that good as conductor of electricity

Oil is the main source of electricity worldwide.

coal is the main source of electricity in Germany

Yes. Electricity can cause a chemical change. On the History channel they showed electricity doing something to a copper penny that made a chemical change .(don't exactly what the electricity did to it but it did cause a chemical change)

Why is static electricity not useful as a power source

Batteries produce energy due to chemical reactions inside the battery, which cause electricity to flow through it.

if something is making electricity than it is a chemical reaction.

An electricity generator is an electrical source. A power point on the wall is an electrical source.An electrical source is the place where electricity can be accessed from or the place where it is generated.

another source of energy must be used to make electricity

One conductor, a source of electricity, and a receiving device to use the electricity.Another answerA source of electricity, a load to use the electricity and sufficient conductors to join them together so that an electric current can flow from the source to the load.

noelectricity is a source of energy

No, Electricity from Chemical reaction may be DC.e.g Battery

Electricity is Energy. But this energy can come from a chemical reaction as in batteries, normal and rechargeable.

When you compare the cost of propane and electricity, the cost of propane is lower than that of electricity. This is because whereas propane is a primary source, electricity is a secondary source.

The electricity source in a circuit is generally provided by a power source which can either be a battery or an alternator.

The most common source of electricity in Manitoba is 120/240 volts. This is the supply source for Manitoba homes.

Electron transport is electricity. Electricity is the flowing of electrons along a substrate such as copper. Electrons will move from one source to another source. In household electricity the electrons travel along the path and back to the original source.

Chemical reaction will give off heat, but do not give off electricity.

burning coal to generate electricity. chemical to thermal to mechanical to electricity.

Electricity is not a chemical and it does not have a chemical formula. Electric current consists of moving electrons; static electricity consists of unmoving electrons.

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