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What is the church hierarchy of Judaism?


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January 01, 2011 2:15AM

Judaism does not have Church Hierarchy, nor does it have churches.

Synagogue hierarchy is somewhat different than Church hierarchy. Quite literally, the individual synagogues hire the rabbi. The rabbi would roughly correspond to the preacher, although there are some different duties peculiar to Judaism.

There is no centralized authority in Judaism.

Each synagogue is an independent entity. Each synagogue is aligned with others within it's sect, but there is no "higher governing body" such as a synod, or presbytery. Members pay dues to belong to the synagogue, which is assessed by the rules of each individual synagogue.

There are no priests currently in Judaism because there is no Temple in Jerusalem. The remnants of the Tribe of Levi are still available, but there is no possible way to perform the duties of priest. This particular aspect is dependent on having the Temple.

Rabbi means "teacher". A rabbi does not need to be a Levite.