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That is 2.6 million in the US alone.

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How many years has the Cosmopolitan magazine been in circulation?

The Cosmopolitan has been in circulation as a magazine for a great many years. It has actually been in circulation since it's first debut in the year 1886.

What is a 1956 cosmopolitan magazine worth?

what is a august 1956 cosmopolitan magazine worth

When was Cosmopolitan - magazine - created?

Cosmopolitan - magazine - was created in 1886.

When was the first Cosmopolitan Magazine published?

Cosmopolitan Magazine was first published in 1886 as a literary magazine and later in 1965 as a women's magazine.

Is there a cosmopolitan magazine for gay guys?

Yes, it's called Cosmopolitan.

A magazine that published articles by muckrakers?

Mcclure's Magazine or Cosmopolitan

What magazine did Gerald Ford model for?


What year did the magazine Cosmopolitan begin?


In what year did the magazine Cosmopolitan begin?


How many teenagers buy the magazine Cosmopolitan?


Does anyone still read cosmopolitan magazine?

Well to the best knowledge cosmopolitan magazine is still well read all across america. the readership of this magazine continues to grow as the demographic base continues to grow.

What magazine in the US has the largest circulation?

As of May 2010, AARP the Magazine heads the list as the top circulating mag.

What magazine in the US has the third largest circulation?

The largest magazines based on circulation are:AARP The MagazineAARP BulletinThe Costco ConnectionBetter Homes and GardensGame Informer

What is in cosmopolitan magazine?

Hi, this magazine contains info about: sex health fashion & Makeup tips

What are good magazine names?

There are many good magazines. Some of these include Newsweek Magazine, TIME Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Men's Health, and Gold Digest.

Seventeen magazine circulation?

it has a circulation of 2.3 million.

What are some fashion magazine titles?

Vogue, Glamour, Elle, Cosmopolitan

Who became editor of Cosmopolitan magazine in 1965?

Helen Gurley Brown

Where to get cosmopolitan magazine free?

Try the waiting rooms of doctors or dentists.

What magazine has the largest circulation in the world?

The Watchtower Magazine

What magazine has the largest circulation in the US?

The Watchtower magazine has a circulation of about 37 million each month worldwide. This makes the Watchtower the largest circulated Magazine in the world. The second largest circulated magazine is the Awake which tops out at 36 Million. Both magazines are published and printed by the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Where can one read about celebrity beauty secrets?

Celebrity beauty secrets can be read in these magazines, People, Cosmopolitan, In Touch, US Magazine, HELLO!, or Star Magazine. You can also read about it online at Marie Claire.

What weekly magazine has the largest circulation in the world?

Peoples magazine

Age of reading the cosmo?

If you're meaning Cosmopolitan magazine, then 17 at least.

Who is the blonde in the safety dance?

Louise Court , UK Editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine