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The halfway point between Greensboro, NC and Charlotte, NC is Salisbury, NC

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On the route suggested by Google maps half way is Greensboro

If taking the Interstate 85 route, the approximate half-way point between Greensboro, NC and Phenix City, AL would be Anderson, South Carolina, at ~215 miles from each.

what is the half way point betwen charlotte, nc and kansas city, mo?

Bracey, Virginia is approximately half-way.

Tampa would be the half way point between charlotte county and orlando. Each about an hour and a half maybe.. easiest way to get there is 75 and I 4

The closest airport is RDU, but the scenery between CLT and Greensboro is prettier so I think it's worth the extra half-hour it'll take to get there.

Halfway from Port Charlotte, Florida and Vero Beach, Florida

Well that would be just about at Fort Sill, OK. It will depend on how close to the center of LA and Charlotte you make your start and end points. It is about 1,060 miles half way.

The halfway points are the points which mark the half distance covered by the flight. These lie in the mid of both the above mentioned places. These points change for different locations. Halfway points for the above mentioned places are - Greensboro, GA its 1 1/2 hours away from Augusta and Atlanta.

Half way point between Lafayette LA and Columbia SC is Charlotte, NC.

It takes approximately 20 and a half hours to fly to Singapore from Charlotte, North Carolina. The is about 9,895 miles between the two locations.

Columbia,SC's about an hour and a half from charlotte.

Trois-Rivières & Drummondville

The distance between Greensboro NC and Asheville NC is about three hours if you're a slow driver or there's traffic, and about two-two and a half hours if you're a good driver and there isn't bad traffic. So basically anywhere between two or three hours away from eachother.

A flight from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Charlotte, North Carolina would take about an hour and a half. There is about 410 miles between the two locations.

The Cincinnati/Covington area is just about the half-way point.

What's half way point between south Boston va and Charlotte nc

The halfway point between Salt Lake City International Airport and Rapid City, SD is Lamont, Wyoming.

Anniesland is half way between Glasgow city centre and Clydebank.

Assuming you take the freeway, Knoxville is the city that lies almost exactly half-way. The total trip is just under 500 miles long and Knoxville is about 250 miles from each point.

The halfway city between Waynesboro, VA and Blairsville, GA is Bina, NC.

What is half way between palm city florida and spring hills florida