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Probably just a buckle to close or adjust the strap.

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Q: What is the click thing on the strap of a bike helmet?
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Why was the bike helmet made?

the bike helmet was made to produce maximum protection to your head. the bike helmet was made to produce maximum protection to your head.

What is the correct way to wear a bike helmet for kids?

A bike helmet is very important for the safety of kids and adults alike. They are readily available at a number of retailers, and it may be required to wear by law (depending on location). Bike helmets have a foam insert that should snugly fit the head, with the neck strap tightened to within one finger's thickness.

Reasons to Get Involved in a Charity Race?

>How to Choose The Safest Bike HelmetNo one is ever too young to wear a bike helmet. Wearing a bike helmet should be like second nature when you get on your bicycle. There are helmets of all sizes, and in order to be safe while you are riding, you need to find the right helmet for your head.The most important part of the bike is the rider. There are many styles as well as prices for helmets. Any helmet that you buy has to be approved by national safety standards. The amount of padding inside the helmet makes the helmet more comfortable. The more padding, the more comfortable the rider will be. People who ride bikes in races often enjoy wearing helmets that have more vents so there is more airflow. More vents in the helmet will allow more air to cool the rider off. Some helmets allow riders to add a light on the back so that people can see the rider at night. Hard shells on the back of the helmet help to prevent head injuries if the rider falls off the back of the bike. Small children can wear a basic helmet that has small vent holes in the top to cool the head, and they have extra padding in the helmet to protect the child's head better than an adult helmet would.Any helmet needs to be worn properly if it is to be effective. There are straps and buckles in every helmet. The buckle on the strap should come to the ear when you fasten it. There is also a chin strap on the strap that will go under the chin. You should be able to fit one finger underneath the strap. The strap should not move freely enough so that it tips off the head. The helmet should not move around on the head when you move your head from side to side. The helmet needs to fit securely and comfortably.

How do you install under armor visors on a helmet?

The wise rider typically purchases a helmet with the intent to attach it to his HEAD. Unfortunately, far too many brain injured riders had secured their helmets to some 'out of the way' point on their bike when they discovered that their skill alone was insufficient to protect their heads from impact. A helmet should be attached to the HEAD using the manufacturer's provided chin strap. Avoid aftermarket modifications as they have been shown to fail at the critical moment.

Do you have to wear a helmet on a quad bike?

Yes. It is covered by state helmet laws.

How do you put on a dirt bike helmet?


What is a bike jockey strap?

A bike jockey strap is another term for a jockstrap - an athletic supporter worn by men to support the genitals during strenuous exercise.

Why you need to where a bike helmit?

wear, not where. Its called grammar. You need to wear a bike helmet because its really painful if you crash without a helmet. How does that relate to cheese?

Do you have to wear a motorcycle helmet in Australia?

Well yes, I you're riding a motorcycle. You even need a bike helmet when riding a bike. Seatbelts in cars, etc.

What are the benefits of a Protec helmet?

The benefits of a Protec helmet are many. This helmet has been called the 'classic bike helmet'. It protects your head when you are participating in sports that can cause damage if a helmet is not used.

IS 4151 is stands for?

Bike helmet law for India.

Why is it necessary to wear a bike helmet?

It is necessary to wear a bike helmet to reduce the incidence of head injuries suffered in crashes.Helmets protect the vulnerable parts of the skull.Most countries now legally require you yo wear an helmet.