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What is the climate in Afghanistan?

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Afghanistan has a continental climate, the summers are warm and winters cold, due to the great mountainous extension. The temperatures vary daily according to the season and depending on the altitude.

Great parts of the country undergo drought and the fresh water availability is limited. Mainly it rains between October and April, with an annual average precipitation of 300mm.

Afghanistan also experiences earthquakes frequently.

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Climate in Afghanistan?

Dry to arid.

What is the climate in Kabul Afghanistan?

The climate in Kabul Afghanistan is very typical for each season, very hot summers and completely wild and freezing winters.

Is the climate in Afghanistan tropical polar alpine or desert?

Afghanistan is a mixture between Alpine and Desert

What is the climate zone of Kabul Afghanistan?

semi arid

What is the usual climate in Afghanistan?

cold and in summer dry and hot

Can you mail something to usa army deployed soldier from Spain to Afghanistan?

Yes. You can mail something to a solder in Afghanistan. His place of deployment does not matter. Afghanistan is an extremely dry climate and it is extremely hard to keep anything clean there. He would appreciate anything you can send him.

What is the climate in the Khyber Pass?

The Khyber Pass is high in the mountains of Afghanistan. It is harsh, windy, cold most of the year, and quite unforgiving.

Which continent is Aral Sea located on?

The Aral Sea is located in Central Asia. It is bordered by Afghanistan and Kazakhstan. It maintains a continental climate.

Where do the most people live in Afghanistan?

Most people in afganistan live in africa because most terrorists like the hot climate

What are the Regions in Afghanistan?

There are three regions in Afghanistan that are split into sub-regions. Northern Afghanistan is split into the sub-regions of North Eastern Afghanistan and North Western Afghanistan. Central Afghanistan is split into the sub-regions Eastern Afghanistan, Central Afghanistan, and Western Afghanistan. The region of Southern Afghanistan is split into the sub-regions South Eastern Afghanistan, and South Western Afghanistan.

Why does Afghanistan have such a large opium trade?

Afghanistan is not well-controlled by its government. Consequentially, any group that puts up enough resistance will get their own way. Since opium is quite expensive, there is a fairly large market for it, and poppies grow very well in Afghanistan's climate, opium is something that Afghanistan can make and trade easily.

What percent of the population in Afghanistan is below the poverty line?

Pashtoon nation in afghanistan Pashtoon nation in afghanistan Pashtoon nation in afghanistan Pashtoon nation in afghanistan Pashtoon nation in afghanistan Pashtoon nation in afghanistan Pashtoon nation in afghanistan Pashtoon nation in afghanistan Pashtoon nation in afghanistan it is 53%

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What countries have a highland climate?

Etheopia, Uganda, China, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the USA

What is the Poplution in Afghanistan?

Population of AfghanistanThe population of Afghanistan is 31,100,000

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Where can you get to Afghanistan?

You can get to Afghanistan from anywhere.

Does Afghanistan have a Prime Minister?

No, The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan does not have a Prime Minister. There has not been a Prime Minister of Afghanistan since either the transitional Afghanistan government or the Northern Alliance of Afghanistan.

Should we be in Afghanistan?

No, we shouldn't be in Afghanistan.

Is Afghanistan is Europe?

No, Afghanistan is in Asia.

Where was the location of Afghanistan war?


Where is the sea of Afghanistan?

There is no Sea of Afghanistan.

Are lions in Afghanistan?

no there are no lions in Afghanistan

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