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What is the climate like in Egypt?

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the climate in Egypt is mostly hot and dry.
hot and dry

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What was the climate like in ancient egypt?


What is the seasonal climate of Egypt?

What is the seasonal climate of Egypt

What was the climate of ancient Egypt?

The climate of Ancient Egypt is hot desert climate.

Where are dates grown?

in deert climate like israel or Egypt

What is the climate zone in Cairo Egypt?

desert is the climate zone of Cairo Egypt.

The climate in Egypt?

Hot dessert climate

Is Oklahoma cold?

No, it has a climate similar to the Meditteranean, Sub-tropical climate. It's not like Egypt or Saudi Arabia though.

What type of climate in Egypt?

Since Egypt is located in north Africa, it mostly has a dry climate.

What climate does Egypt have?

The climate of Egypt is a hot desert climate. The temperatures are hot throughout the year and there is very little rainfall in this region.

What was climate like in ancient Egypt?

Ancient Egypt has two seasons.Mild winter from November to April to hot summer from May to October.

Can you snowboard in Egypt?

Egypt does not have the right climate for snowboarding.

Climate change in Egypt?

Yes climate changed

What is the climate in Egypt?


How did climate affect Egypt economy?

The climate change has affected the economy in Egypt. The climate change has resulted in a diminished water supply. The water supply is what fuels agriculture which is a driving force in the economy of Egypt.

What country has the same climate as Egypt?

South Africa has a kind of similar climate as Egypt. Egypt is a dessert area, where the days are hot and the nights are cool and pleasant.

What climate of Egypt keeps bodies from decaying?

Egypt has a semi-arid climate, but the way they mummify the corpse keeps it from decaying.

What type of climate is in deserts of Egypt?

The deserts of Egypt are classified as hot deserts.

What is it like in Egypt?

The climate type of Egypt is desert. Egypt has only two seasons: a mild winter from November to April, and a hot summer from May to October. The days are usually hot or warm, and the nights are cool.

In Which Climate Does Wheat Grow?

summer. (in Egypt)

What country in Africa does not have a Mediterranean climate?


What is the climate in lower egypt?

hot and dry

What is the Climate of mount Sinai in Egypt?


How does the weather affect people in Egypt?

Today, Egyptians have adapted to the dry climate of Egypt the same way others living in this type of climate have adapted.

Whats the climate of Egypt?

Climate: desert; hot, dry summers with moderate winters :)

What are some answers for climate and weather on egypt?

The coast of Egypt has more moderate weather than the rest of Egypt because it is on the Mediterranean Sea. However, the interior of Egypt has desert climate, and is very hot during the day and cools off at night.