Climatology and Climate Changes

What is the climate on Eris?

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very dry hard dry and cold

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Who was Eris named after?

I heard from resources that we are not sure why Eris was called Eris.

Where is Eris?

Eris is in the kuiper belt

What is Eris named after?

Eris is named after the Greek goddess Eris he was in charge of warfare and stealth

Does eris have volcanoes?

no Eris does not have any volcanoes

Is Eris a Star?

No. Eris is a dwarf planet.

Is there wind on Eris?

No, there is absolutely no wind on Eris.

Eris is the god of?

Eris is the goddes of strife

Is Eris a constellation?

No. Eris is a dwarf planet.

When was Eris discovered?

Eris is classified as a dwarf planet. Eris was discovered January 5, 2005.

How did the dwarf planet Eris get its name?

Eris is named after the goddess Eris, a personification of strife and discord.

What is Eris greek name?

Eris IS a Greek name. Eris was the personification of "strife" and in Latin she was called Discordia.

Does Eris have a magnetic field?

no. Eris does not have a magnetic field

What is the circumference of Eris?

the circumference of eris is 27122.2 km

How hot is Eris?

Eris is not hot but freezing cold

Does Eris have any satellites?

Eris has one satellite

Who was Eris' father?

Eris is the daughter of Zeus.

When did Eris explode?

Eris did not explode. It is perfectly intact.

Does Eris have any moons?

Yes, Eris has one moon. It is called Dysnomia. It was named after the daughter of the goddess Eris.

Does Eris have a moon?

Yes. Eris has a moon called Dysnomia.

When did Eris die?

Eris, the Greek goddess, never died.

What does Eris look like?

Eris appears to be a greyish color.

How did Eris get its name?

Eris got its name by the goddes of strife

Is there such a planet called Eris?

Eris is actually a dwarf planet.

How can Eris rings be counted?

Eris doesn't have any rings.

Is Eris a inside or outside planet?

Eris is an outside planet

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