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Q: What is the closest Canadian city to Wixon Wisconsin?
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What is the closest Wisconsin city to Chicago?

Pleasant Prairie is the closest village to Chicago. Kenosha is the nearest city.

What is the Canadian port city that is the closest to Europe.?

Halifax harbour is the closest port city to Europe

What Canadian city is closest to Pittsburgh?


What Canadian city is closest to Wisconsin?

There are two cities that are about equally distant from Wisconsin, although they are just across the border from two other US states. Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario is the closest Canadian city to northeastern Wisconsin (Green Bay), but very near the border with peninsular Michigan. Thunder Bay, Ontario is just across Lake Superior from northwestern Wisconsin, but very near the border with Minnesota, and also closer to Michigan. It is faster to drive from Sault Ste. Marie to most locations in Wisconsin.

What US state is closest to the Canadian city of Vancouver?


Which city is located closest to the Canadian capital of Ottawa?


Closest Canadian city to Buffalo NY?

While Fort Erie, Ontario, is directly across the river from Buffalo, Fort Erie is a town and not a city. Three Canadian cities (Port Colborne, Welland and Niagara Falls) would appear to be equidistant. Which one of them is closest would depend on the method of measurement. From downtown to downtown, the nearest Canadian city to Buffalo would be Port Colborne. However, if measured from the closest point on Buffalo's border to the closest point on a Canadian city's boundary, the winner would be Niagara Falls, Ontario.

What nearest Canadian city is the closest to the sault ste Marie international bridge?


What Canadian city is closest to Virginia?

The Canadian city closest to Virginia is Toronto, in Ontario, Canada. In addition, Niagara Falls is located in Toronto, Canada.

What is the closest town to Canadian border?

Niagara falls, i am supposing your asking about an American city, closest Mexican city would be Juares. closest begique city would be Oust end. and depending on what part of the US your coming from aswell. Juneau Alaska is close to the border.

What Canadian city is closest to 50 degrees north 96 degrees west?

Probably the closest major Canadian city to those coordinates is Winnipeg, Manitoba. It's exact coordinates are Latitude: 49° 52' 60 N, Longitude: 97° 10' 0 W.

How old is Madison?

The city of Madison, Wisconsin was founded in 1829. There is no birth information available for the Canadian female wrestler named "Madison."