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What is the closest major city next to mt st helens?

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What is the closest major city to Albuquerque?

El Paso is the next major city south of ALBUQUERQUE

What is the closest city to La Crosse Virginia?

The closest city to La Crosse, Virginia is South Hill. The next closest is Brodnax.

What is the closest capital city to Melbourne?

The closest national capital is Canberra. Canberra. This is the ONLY capital city of Australia. (The next closest capital city is in New Zealand.) :)

What is the closest state to Salt Lake City Utah?

The closest state to Salt Lake City that isn't Utah is Wyoming. The next closest is Nevada.

What African city lies on the Greenwich meridian?

The closest major city to the Prime Meridian is Accra, the capital of Ghana (5.55 N, 0.2 W). The next closest is Oran, Algeria on the Mediterranean coast (35.7 N, 0.633 W).

What is the closest city to the forbidden city?

Beijing Apparently Redwall Hotel Beijing is right next to it

What city lies at the mouth of the nile?

The city that lies the closest to the mouth of the Nile is Alexandria. The next closest city is Cairo. Both cities are located in the region known as the Nile Delta.

What is the closest city to Montgomery Alabama?

The next biggest city near Montgomery is Prattville about 10 miles to the North.

What cities are next to the city of Evesham?

Some of the cities residing next to Evesham in Worcestershire, UK are as follows: (first is the closest, second is next closest etc.) Badsey, South Littleton, Harvington, Broadway and Pershore.

What is the nearest city to Dublin?

The closest city to Dublin is Kilkenny (Ireland) - 62 miles (100 km) Next closest is Belfast (UK) - 88 miles (140 km)

What is the closest city to London?

The City of London is a tiny municipality in the centre of the metropolis and is next to the London Borough of the City of Westminster, the only other city inside the Greater London Region. The closest city to the Greater London Boundary is St Albans.

What is the nearest major city next to the taal volcano?

this does not tell me anything about the taal's volcano major city location >/

What is the next big city to Tallahassee?

Tallahassee isn't a small city itself , but the closest "BIG" city is Jacksonville which is about 200 miles from Tallahassee.

What city is closest to Myrtle Beach SC and Wild Horse Saloon?

There are establishments with that name all across the United States, notably in Nashville, TN. Assuming you mean the one in Murrells Inlet, Myrtle Beach is the closest city to that. Wilmington, NC is the next city north and Charleston, SC is the next city south. Charlotte is the largest city in the region.

Which city is the closest to solcean town in Pokemon platinim?

Hearthome City (before) then Veilstone which is where you go next, then Celestic Town which is a while after.

What is the city closest major league baseball team to wilmington nc?

The closest is Washington DC (Washington Nationals) which is approximately 373 miles driving distance from Wilmington ... next comes Atlanta (Atlanta Braves) which is approximately 415 miles driving distance from Wilmington.

Which city has Australia's largest population?

Sydney has Australia's largest population, at 4.5 million, as of March 2010. The next closest city in size is Melbourne.

What town is canalave city next to in Pokemon diamond?

twin-leaf town is the closest, sandgem is reasonably close too.

What is the closest city to Mount Rainier?

I'm pretty sure that Elbe is the closest. I'll look when I go there next. My new answer: Eatonville, b/c it iss on the base of Mount Rainier.

Is fawn lake next to mt st Helens?

Fawn LKake is on private land just outside the boundary of Mt St Helens Nat'l Volcanic Monument. You have great views of St Helens around the lake.

What boy in canalave city do you have to heal?

to find which boy you have to heal, find the house closest to the ship in canalave city, next enter the house and you will see a boy in bed.

How far is the earth from the next closest star?

The closest star, the Sun, is 499 light-seconds distant, and the next closest, Proxima Centauri, is 4.28 light-years.

Is Betelgeuse the closest star to earth?

No. The sun is the closest star. The next closest star is Proxima Centauri

What are Oklahoma's major cities than Oklahoma City?

Tulsa is also a pretty big city. Next come Muskogee and Lawton.

What is closest airport to san angelo?

The closest major airport to San Angelo, Texas is San Angelo Regional Airport (SJT / KSJT). This airport is about 10 miles by car from the center of San Angelo. If you are willing to drive about 210 miles, the next closest major airport is San Antonio International Airport - San Antonio, TX (SAT / KSAT).

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