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Gatwick IS an airport. The nearest of the other airports in the London area would be Heathrow.

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Q: What is the clostest airport to gatwick?
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What is the airport code for Gatwick Airport?

The airport code for Gatwick Airport is LGW.

What is biger gatwick airport or biggin hill airport?

gatwick airport

What is the cost of valet parking at Gatwick Airport?

Valet parking at Gatwick Airport costs roughly $30 for 30 minutes or $1 per minute. You can get more information about the Gatwick Airport at the Gatwick Airport website.

WHich Is Bigger Gatwick Airport Or Dublin Airport?

Gatwick is the busiest single runway airport in the world.

Where could one book hotels at Gatwick?

One could book hotels at Gatwick at the surrounding hotels. Hotels near Gatwick airport are Travelodge, Courtyard London Gatwick Airport, Yotel and Hilton London Gatwick Airport.

How far is Gatwick airport from Portsmouth?

From Portsmouth Gatwick airport is 76.4 miles.

When was Beehive - Gatwick Airport - created?

Beehive - Gatwick Airport - was created in 1936.

What is the clostest airport to Brooklyn ny?


What airport does Easyjet operate at Gatwick?

There is only one airport in Gatwick, which Easyjet do operate at.

How many miles is Nottingham from gatwick airport?

Nottingham to Gatwick Airport is 165.5 miles.

How far from gatwick airport to spalding lincolnshire?

how far is it from stamford lincol to gatwick airport

In which county is gatwick airport?

Gatwick Airport is in England, specifically in West Sussex near Crawley.

Where would you find Gatwick airport?

Gatwick airport is 28 miles south of London, UK

When was Gatwick Airport railway station created?

Gatwick Airport railway station was created in 1935.

When did Gatwick Airport railway station end?

Gatwick Airport railway station ended in 1958.

What are some of the hotels at gatwick airport?

There are many hotels located at Gatwick Airport. The Arora, Corner House, Crowne Plaza, Hilton, Ramada, and Holiday Inn hotels all have branches at Gatwick Airport.

What airport is nearer to stratford gatwick or Birmingham airport?

Birmingham International Airport is nearer to Stratford upon Avon (Shakespeare country) than Gatwick. To Stratford in the east end of London, Gatwick is nearer.

Is London Heathrow Airport nearer to Scotland than Gatwick Airport?

Yes, London Heathrow Airport is slightly closer to Scotland than Gatwick Airport. - However both Heathrow and Gatwick are very close to London, - and very far from Scotland.

How can one obtain cheap parking at Gatwick Airport?

One can obtain cheap parking at Gatwick Airport by going to Gatwick Airport site. There one can see the different options of booking with specific date and time.

What is the distance from Tower of London to London Gatwick Airport?

It is approximately 29 miles from the Tower of London to Gatwick Airport.

Where is car parking gatwick located?

"A car parking Gatwick is located near an airport. The Gatwick airport is located in London, and offers short and long term options."

Which hotels can one find near Gatwick airport?

There are many hotels situated near Gatwick airport in the United Kingdom. These include Sofitel London Gatwick, South Lodge Hotel and the Ramada Crawley Gatwick.

How does one get to the North Terminal Parking at Gatwick airport from London?

One gets to the North Terminal Parking at Gatwick Airport from London by following the M23 and exiting at Junction Nine, following the signs to the airport. Full directions can be found on the Gatwick Airport website.

Where can one find a car park near Gatwick airport?

Gatwick Airport Parking is the cheapest and closest place to park near the Gatwick Airport. Visit Trip Extras to receive a 60% discount on parking at this location.

What is gatwick parking?

Gatwick Parking is the official parking service for London's Gatwick Airport. It offers services such as maps of parking areas and pre-booking of airport parking spaces.