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To get Kissy on Moshi Monsters use these plants-

Purple Star

Blue or Yellow Star

Red, Purple, Yellow, or Black Magic

When it says or it means it will work with any of the listed colors.

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You cannot get Kissy by a secret code. To get Kissy you need Any Star Blossom, Any Magic Bean and Purple Star Blossom.

The code for the kissy toy is: FIZZING Have a wonderful Moshi life! :D

Here is the flower code for Kissy.......... Any star blossom, any magic beans, purple star blossom.

Yes they can because none of the seeds for kissy are super seeds and super seeds are only for moshi members!! :)

The 4 Spookies on Moshi Monsters are Squidge, Kissy, Ecto, and Big Bad Bill.

See Related Links for links to pictures of Kissy the Baby Ghost.

There is no code to undo a code on Moshi Monsters.

Kissy is a baby ghost and she is uncommon here's how to get her: Plant a Purple Star + Yellow Star + Black Magic

The amount of time it takes to get any moshling depends on how happy and healthy your Moshi Monsters is. If your Moshi Monster's happiness and health are full, it will only take 3 to 5 hours for Kissy, or any moshling, to be attracted to your moshling garden. If your Moshi Monster is ill or angry, it will take about a day for Kissy to be attracted to your moshling garden.

There isn't a code which will get you everything in Moshi Monsters.

pink icing 4 marshmallows and a cherry

To get Kissy you have to plant an purple star blossom, Yellow Star Blossom, and a purple Magic Bean !

To get Kissy the ghost, Yellow Star Blossom Black Magic Bean Purple Star Blossom

There is no Sudi on Moshi Monsters.

No, you do not have to use your MoPod code on Moshi Monsters.

No, monstrosteet is not a secret code for Moshi Monsters.

There is no code for the Disco Wallpaper on Moshi Monsters.

you subscribe to the moshi monsters magazine and you get a code from it.

There is no code that will get that many Rox on Moshi Monsters.

What is the code for the cuddly Gigi on moshi monsters

You get the Jukebox on Moshi Monsters with a code that comes in the Moshi Monsters Magazine. For the UK the Jukebox code is in issue #23.

No. Only Moshi Monsters staff can create codes for Moshi Monsters.

You have to have a code. You get a code by buying a Moshi Monsters item.

There isn't a secret code room in Moshi Monsters.

what is the code for yoyo on moshi monsters

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