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Q: What is the code for hacked roster svr 2010?
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Who Will Be on svr 2010?

go to

How do you hack svr 2010 roster?

look it up on youtube and then on the comments it will give you the codes to unlock the non playables and type in on the cheat code bit in wwe svr 10

Will Evan bourne be on svr 2010?

Yes and the full roster is on

What is the roster for svr 2012?

The roster for svr 2012 is not released yet.

What is the svr 2010 roster?

everyone in the wwe today and in wwe superstars in the past

How do you unlock svr 2010 roster?

You do RTWM and complete tasks during matches

Can you unlock wade barret in svr 2010?

Although Wade Barret started in late 2010 he is not in the game because the games are based on the year before so the SvR 10 roster is based on the latest WWE 2009 roster.

In svr 2010 what is the code for stone cold Steve Austin?

There is no cheat code. The only way to unlock him is when svr 2010 first came out from GameStop. They give a cheat code

You didn't get a code for Steve Austin in svr 2010 what do you do?

The code is TheTexasRattlesnake

What is the code for stone cold on svr 2010?

there are no code go to and buy it

When will svr 2011 roster be revealed?

this september.

Is the hart dynasty in svr 2010?

No, they will not be. Gamestop released the final roster outlook, and Tyson Kidd, DH Smith and Natalia are not on it. Sorry.