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You use the boot disk under the sofa and put it in the computer. it changes each time.

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Q: What is the code for the metal door on club penguin?
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What is the door code on Club Penguin mission 2?

The code's 3000 ☺

What is the code to open the door at the gift shop on club penguin?

the code is different every time in the managers office under the chair is a disc put it in the computer and find the code

What do you have to look out for in puffle rescue in club penguin?

you have to watch out for the ink. the ink comes from the squid. You will find a door then you go up to it. Next you will get a code for the door. Hope that helped.

Where is the ice door in club penguin?

there isent one

How do you get out of the cabin in club penguin?

Walk through the door

When will there be an ice door in club penguin?

November 2012.

How do you get into the left door at the club penguin dojo?

by ?? you have to be a ninja to get into it

How do you open the door on club penguin?

depends what door your talking about mate. there is a door almost everywhere

What can you do in the underwater room on Club Penguin?

If you are a member of club penguin and have a key to the door, u can go into the door at the right. Inside, there is a underwater mine that u can get gems& a new background.

How do you get backstage for free on Club Penguin?

You have to become a member of Club Penguin first! Then go to the Stage and click on the Backstage door. Its Easy.

Is there a door behind the rocks in Club Penguin?

technically yes

In club penguin when you click on the door it doset open?